Thursday, April 7, 2016

Never Worry About Your Smartphone's Battery Life with the B&D Ultra Slim Power Bank

I'm the kind of person who always check my social media accounts no matter where I am. Whether it'd be Facebook or Instagram, Twitter or even my Email and Viber account, I always make sure to reply almost immediately to the messages I receive online. With that being said, keeping my cellular data on all the time will surely drain my phone's battery life and I will end up looking for a place to plug it in for power. 

I've looked online for power banks that are affordable and came across this promo at MetroDeal's 
website. I've tried the site before so I didn't have to look for reviews about this deal because I've 
already been a customer for a while now. 

The power bank is slim and you can choose from five colors that you fancy the most. Its two USB 
outputs and a 21,800mAh power will definitely keep my gadgets up for the whole day while I drown 
myself in social media or maybe a little movie marathon to keep me entertained.