Tuesday, February 23, 2016

You Can Stay Under the UnBrella

Rhianna said that you can stay under her umbrella. But what if her umbrella isn't as reliable as she 
implies it in her song? You'll get wet now that it's raining more than ever. You wouldn't want to be 
drenched, especially if you have to go to work, would you?

With the threat of climate change rapidly looming in, having a lousy umbrella has always been one of my daily problems. If it doesn't have broken ribs, it's hard to fold back after you use it. But when I saw this unique innovation at MetroDeal, I knew right there and then that my umbrella dilemma is already solved. 

At 46% off its original price, Below SRP's UnBrella made my life easier than ever. Available in sky 
blue and blue green, UnBrella makes sure that you wouldn't have to worry about things you should not be worrying about: umbrella's broken ribs, umbrellas that torture you when you close and open it, 
finding an area wherein you can put your wet umbrella, etc. UnBrella is easy to open and close, saving you the embarrassment of being unable to “behave” your umbrella when in public. UnBrella also keeps the wet part of the umbrella inside once you close it, therefore keeping you dry as you close it. This unbelievable umbrella can also stand up on its own. It's so independent you can leave it alone, just make sure nobody steals it from you.

UnBrella is indeed uh-mazing. My sole complaint is that it's so reliable it's making me question the 
efficiency of Rhianna's umbrella. There. I feel as if rainbows smiled at me when I clicked that 

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Monday, February 1, 2016

Wart's Up? Warts Off!

Let's face it. Ours is a world that bases most of its judgments on one's face. That's no surprise since our face is the very first thing people see in us. One can't help but feel conscious every time their face is plagued by nasty warts. I mean, come on, having warts is somewhat synonymous to having 
grammatical errors in your college thesis. You ain't gonna get some good marks for that I'm sure.

Due to the everyday stress of real life, I've accumulated some warts on my face. (I've basically become a “worrywart.”) So I decided to check out MetroDeal's promo: Get Smooth & Flawless Skin with Unlimited Warts Removal at Cara Mia Aesthetic Center for P99 instead P2000. At 95% off, I get to have my warts removed, leaving my face looking clean and healthy.

Cara Mia has branches at Makati and Pasig. Their crew consists of people who really know what 
they're doing; they are skin care specialists who are very efficient in their job. That's why I had no 
worries when I was undergoing electro cautery, a procedure that permanently removes warts off your 
face. Cara Mia's environment is also very cozy, making any customer feel relaxed and at home.

Now, my confidence is back. Thanks to MetroDeal's promo.My only Metrodeal complaint is that I can't help but stare at the mirror and feel the smoothness of my skin longer than before. Like, daym.