Sunday, November 1, 2015

Glorious Kiddie Fun at Little Tycoons Playhouse

I love it when I hear my sweet little Tianna answer when she's asked about what she wants to be when she grow up (I know, people just can't resist asking that question to kids regardless of the ocassion).  She would always get all excited as she says “chef!” Of course, my influence is undeniable since she's been watching me do all my experiments in the kitchen. I'm a chef/baker wannabe and she's my number one fan. That's what came to mind when I came across this cute offer from Little Tycoons Playhouse in Alabang at Metrodeal. I felt so delighted when I saw the 50% discount knowing Tianna would love playing chef! I mean, P99 for an hour of play or P199 for a full day of play is nothing compared to the joy of watching her have fun. I can buy her lots of toys to support her make believe world but I just think the wonderful kiddie kitchen in the picture would make my little girl swoon!

Like I always do, I tend to look around first before I buy anything online since I want to check & make sure I'm making the right decision. I looked for  online reviews and there wasn't much but I managed to see 2 reviews from different sites (one is a blog) so that's good enough for me. Naturally, I bought a few vouchers so Tianna can enjoy it with her cousins. 

Well, it was definitely a good call! Tianna and her cousins, Alexis and Corby loved it there! I loved how the place is like a mini city with different establishments. Now, that's taking make believe to a different level. I can imagine how it must be for kids to have a proper venue for seamless play as you imagine everything. My heart practically wanted to burst when I saw the delight in Tianna's eyes!