Monday, March 2, 2015

Underwater camera for summer adventure

Summer is just months apart and I'm excited! My boyfriend and I are intending to going to Balesin, Sagada, Batanes and Siquijor, and we still have months to go more for our planned schedule! I'd love to share every experience to everyone with pictures of our own crazy adventure this year.

The only thing that makes me sad nevertheless, is that my waterproof camera quit on me few months ago after it was bumped into something, I thought it's mostly a minor bump but that bump is really a nasty one that made my camera crack, and it's really hard to think that my trusty camera of 4 years just gave up on me.

The good ones that I adore costs too much for me, and I am skeptical to get the imitations from China for I am aware that it'll be a huge waste of money should it be broken. I'm very cautious on my expenses right now because of our planned holiday.

That is why I am half-hearted to see this underwater camera from Metrodeal just as much as I want to buy the item, I am skeptical. Until I find someone who is going to do a review on their purchase, then this is where I shall be deciding on buying one, until my friend really bought one.

Heyna, a close friend of mine, told me that this underwater camera is indeed great, especially for underwater shots. Videos are just ok but decent in such a way, so it's kinda passable. She already had her camera for month or two already.

So I ordered my camera ahead and I'm now awaiting the delivery. I really hope that the camera will be ok with me, will post my own evaluation soon!

For more detailed metroDeal reviews, check out the link here: