Monday, December 14, 2015

Munch on some Special Fried Chicken at Izakaya

It's one of those days when I was craving for something new to try without having to go too far from home. Sometimes the same old, same old just doesn't cut it for me anymore. As if on cue, I stumbled upon this
interesting offer at Metrodeal for a Special Fried Chicken at Izakaya Beppin Kan at 50% off. Regular price is at PhP245 and you only pay PhP122. Good enough for me to go on a foodie adventure.

I've seen the place before but haven't really tried it. For some reason, I just hadn't thought of sampling their Japanese-Korean cusinie before even if it's not that far from my place. Of course, I checked for Metrodeal reviews of the place before really embarking on the culinary journey. I wouldn't want to waste my money on anything I might regret later just because I got swayed by some pictures online. I've tried buying from Metrodeal before and the experiences had been pretty good since I love the big discounts I got from salon services and restaurants but most of those I bought before are from known establishments so I didn't have much to worry. For Izakaya Beppin Kan in BF Homes, however, I'm not too familiar yet so I had to thread carefully.

I bought 2 vouchers for my hubby and I and we decided to try it last night for dinner. I was pleasantly surprised that the fried chicken was as good as described! I love the texture and flavor that bursts in my mouth with each bite I took. The skin was crisp but the meat was tender to chew on. Even the crispy rice noodles had been fun to much on.

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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

The Burger Lab

I sometimes crave for those real, juicy burgers that offer something more than the usual popular fastfood chain grub. It was one of those days when I spotted this interesting offer at Metrodeal. The Burger Lab seems like an interesting place I could try with my friends. I like the idea when I saw the tagline “Build your own burger” and with 40% off, I was willing to experience what they have to offer.

Not being as adventurous as I wish I could be, I checked for Metrodeal reviews and other online
reviews to play it safe a bit. I found a couple from other sites and they recommend the place. With that, I purchased 3 vouchers at PhP299, each good for P500 worth of food & drinks at The Burger Lab at Prism Plaza in MOA Complex. Tagging my best friends along, we redeemed our vouchers last Saturday.

Like a kid on Christmas morning, I was quite delighted with the laboratory feel of the place and the idea of “building” my own burger. I loved how the sauce & stuff are served in syrines with your preferred ingredients. Missy, one of my BFFs didn't opt for the creative choice and ordered The Cardiac Burger that almost made me regret the novel idea of customizing my burger. It's definitely not for the fainthearted and I can almost see the oldies making the sign of the cross with how decadent it looked. Jennie's the ultimate pasta lover so ordered the Burger Spaghetti, of course, along with Burger Lab Nachos. I have to say it was a fabulous experience and we already agreed to come back real soon.

There's just so much to try next time! Grab the deal now while you still can if you want to enjoy delicious food amid the radical theme at The Burger Lab. For more information about Metrodeal, visit this link:

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Glorious Kiddie Fun at Little Tycoons Playhouse

I love it when I hear my sweet little Tianna answer when she's asked about what she wants to be when she grow up (I know, people just can't resist asking that question to kids regardless of the ocassion).  She would always get all excited as she says “chef!” Of course, my influence is undeniable since she's been watching me do all my experiments in the kitchen. I'm a chef/baker wannabe and she's my number one fan. That's what came to mind when I came across this cute offer from Little Tycoons Playhouse in Alabang at Metrodeal. I felt so delighted when I saw the 50% discount knowing Tianna would love playing chef! I mean, P99 for an hour of play or P199 for a full day of play is nothing compared to the joy of watching her have fun. I can buy her lots of toys to support her make believe world but I just think the wonderful kiddie kitchen in the picture would make my little girl swoon!

Like I always do, I tend to look around first before I buy anything online since I want to check & make sure I'm making the right decision. I looked for  online reviews and there wasn't much but I managed to see 2 reviews from different sites (one is a blog) so that's good enough for me. Naturally, I bought a few vouchers so Tianna can enjoy it with her cousins. 

Well, it was definitely a good call! Tianna and her cousins, Alexis and Corby loved it there! I loved how the place is like a mini city with different establishments. Now, that's taking make believe to a different level. I can imagine how it must be for kids to have a proper venue for seamless play as you imagine everything. My heart practically wanted to burst when I saw the delight in Tianna's eyes!

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Tag of War at Lazer Maxx Centris

After the usual gruelling work week, it's nice to unwind and beat stress with fun activities. I
recommend some highly engaging game time like Laser Tag Shooting. Video and PC games may be a lot of fun but nothing beats the real thing. I spotted another great offer a couple of weeks ago from
Metrodeal for a game at Lazer Maxx Centris and I didn't think twice to buy some vouchers for me and my friends. For something that's bound to be a lot of fun, PhP95 (regular price at PhP190) is a real steal of a deal! At 50% discount, who can resist?

I've played at Lazer Maxx before although it's at their Market! Market! Branch with some of my
cousins last year so more or less, I had a good idea on what to expect. My friends and I used our
vouchers last Saturday and they enjoyed the game as I promised. One game just wasn't enough, though, that's why we had another go at regular price. I'd still say it's quite worth it.

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Monday, September 14, 2015

Step into Noah’s World at Ark Avilon Zoo

When it comes to spending quality time with my family, I’m quite particular with regard to the type of
activities that my kids would enjoy. Bonding times are precious so I’m always on a lookout for something
good, especially if it doesn’t involve long drives. I chanced upon Metrodeal’s discounted offer for
entrance tickets to Ark Avilon Zoo in Pasig City and I grabbed it right away. It’s 50% off on P400 access
pass to “the only indoor zoo in the Philippines.”

I loved that reservations are not necessary so I just made plans for the hubby & our 2 boys to go for a
different zoo experience last Saturday. The “Ark” itself brings to mind the Biblical Noah’s Ark where
animals were sheltered to survive the terrible storm.
The kids loved the photo opportunity with the animals, of course, as well as feeding them. I loved
watching the delight and wonder in their eyes at such close encounter. I’d say every cent is worth it &
the discount we got is just amazing. There’s nothing I could possibly complain about.

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Monday, August 24, 2015

Celebrating 10 Years with Great Savings from Photobook Philippines

I love preserving great memories through photos and having the really special moments printed on
photo books allows me to take a trip down memory lane whenever I’m feeling nostalgic. I’d been on a
lookout for a good deal on photo books and I recently found just what I was looking for. Photobook
Philippines is celebrating their 10th year anniversary with some great offers at Metrodeal which is not
only for photo books but other printed photo products too! What’s super good about it is that for any
deal you purchase, you’ll get a free 6” x 6” mini photobook! Discounts and freebies galore!

I purchased the 8” x 11” Medium Portrait Debossed Standard Hardcover with 40 pages for only P700
which is valued at P3250. Since I’m already familiar with how promos like this goes, I was able to create
my photo book easily. I also claimed my free photo book by following the instructions so I was pretty
pleased with how fun it is to do. It’s a bit stressful choosing which pictures shall I include and where to
place them since the selection process can take a while and I was too excited to finish it already.

I just got my photo books today, which is a week after I completed them and I definitely loved them. The
savings I got only made it more wonderful! I’m even considering buying another one for my sister since
she’s expecting her first baby in a couple of months.

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Monday, August 3, 2015

Stretch to Relieve Stress with Bikram Yoga

Beating deadlines, pumping creative juices and occasional crisis management are just part of my daily 
routine. A regular dose of stress can take its toll and sooner or later, you’ll find yourself burning out. I’d 
been postponing my plans to take yoga classes for about a month already and it’s like an answered 
prayer when I saw this great offer at Metrodeal for one week unlimited yoga class at Bikram Yoga 
Manila fro only P499. The package is valued at P1700 so that’s 71% savings! 

Sometimes you have to just grab opportunities like this so I looked into buying the deal. I did a bit of 
research when I couldn’t find Metrodeal Reviews on this establishment and I found a few. They’re 
mostly favourable so I decided to just grab the opportunity. I chose the Greenhills Branch since it’s on 
my way home from work. I figured this would be perfect during the rainy season.

I already attended my first class yesterday. The temperature was getting to me at first; I was sweating so 
much & it was getting a bit stuffy.  This, however, is considered normal according to the instructor. 
Despite all that, I still think it’s a great way to break free from the daily grind. I felt the tension leave my 
body and I love how it quiets my mind even for a brief moment.

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Monday, July 20, 2015

Delightful Artisan Indulgence at Nikko's Baking Studio

It’s always a pleasure when you discover a fabulous gem amidst the concrete jungle. When I 
encountered the deal featured at Metrodeal, what caught my eye were the images of the dishes. They 
look absolutely mouthwatering that you just want to reach over and sample them. Nikko’s Baking Studio is in Makati so it’s pretty accessible and at 50% off, there was no excuse not to just buy the deal! I bought two vouchers since I planned on tagging my best friend along; no point going on a foodie adventure if you can’t share it and talk about it with someone, right? 

So we found the nice rustic restaurant without any trouble although it surprised me that if it hadn’t 
been for the voucher, I wouldn’t have noticed the place. I didn’t find any Metrodeal reviews for the 
place but I’ve seen some nice ones from different bloggers and they’re pretty good. Since it’s also a 
cooking school, I figured, how can you possibly go wrong?  

For PhP249 (valued at P500), I’ll have to say that I wish I’ve discovered the place earlier! I love the 
Pumpkin Carrot Soup and Bro’s Adobo Flakes--absolutely worth recommending to my friends and 
family. The experience was made extra special because I got so much more value than what I paid for! I’m most definitely coming back soon!

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Ice Cream Sandwich: Pure Bliss

What happens when you get two of your favorite guilty pleasures in one swoop? Pure bliss of course! That’s how it felt with every bite of this delightful Ice Cream Sandwich from Cookie Dream. It was the usual hohumm morning when I thought of browsing online for anything interesting and I surely found one at Metrodeal! 42% off on Ice Cream Sandwich at Cookie Dream Mall of Asia! Regular price is PhP118 each for these wonderful treats and I got them for only PhP69! 

I didn’t even have to think twice about it, I purchased some vouchers right away. I mean, how can you possibly go wrong with a combination like that?! I dragged my sister to MOA by the weekend to hang out and use my vouchers. 

With all the wonderful choices, we decided to each have 2 of these heavenly ice cream cookie 
sandwiches. I so loved how you get to customize it! I had Peanut Butter Cookies with Salted Caramel Ice Cream with Rice Crispies toppings and Choco Chip Cookies with Mint Ice Cream and Marshmallow toppings. Yes, it was definitely a cheat day! My sister had Red Velvet Cookies with her favorite Pistachio Ice Cream and Marshmallow toppings, and Double Choco Cookies with Cream Cheese Ice Cream and Almond toppings. The toppings were not part of the package, but for additional PhP20 per topping, I can’t make any Metrodeal complaint on this; I still got a pretty good value.   

It did not disappoint. Not at all! My sweet tooth was eternally grateful for the powers that be that made me see this sweet offer from Metrodeal.

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Monday, June 8, 2015

Ravioli Cravings Gratified

I had this crazy craving for honest-to-goodness Ravioli for about a couple of weeks. It’s not for the usual stuff that can easily be solved by those canned or packed variety you’d get off the grocery shelves. Well, it turned out that my inbox would deliver my salvation.

I spotted the deal when I checked out the newsletter I received from Metrodeal. The name of the
restaurant caught my eye of course--Bistro Ravioli. 50% off on P1000 worth of classic Italian food and drinks! I searched for some Metrodeal Reviews since I’m not familiar with the place yet and I managed to find a few online and they recommend it. Convinced enough, I bought the deal right away.

I opted to visit the Glorietta 3 Branch to finally satiate my cravings for Ravioli with my cousin. The quaint little resto looks quite homey and the food did not disappoint. The Spinach and Feta Cheese Ravioli in Pesto Sauce was just divine! My cousin loved her Mushroom Mozzarella Ravioli and we both enjoyed the Quattro Formaggi Pizza we shared with much gusto. We also had Choco Lava for dessert.

Nothing beats savoring good food with great conversations so we’re grabbing the deal again before it

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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Heavenly Pampering at Le Spa Sofitel

A bit of luxurious pampering is just what a girl needs every now and then to recharge her batteries
before facing the daily challenges of the concrete jungle. That’s why I’m always on a lookout for
fabulous pampering deals online. You can just imagine my delight when I come across this amazing offer
at Metrodeal for 60 minutes of luxurious massage at no less than Le Spa Sofitel! The package also comes
with unlimited use of Jacuzzi, Dry and Wet Sauna for only P1599!

Being treated to excellent pampering in this exclusive spa in Sofitel is what true indulgence is all about.
The attendants are very courteous and the treatment was just divine. No Metrodeal complaints here at all as I am more than satisfied with the experience. The 60% savings is just the icing on the cake!

For more reviews in Metrodeal, just visit this link:
Be quick and grab the deal because exclusive offers like these are not bound to last forever!

Monday, April 27, 2015

Oh-so delightful delights at Triple-O's

What I favor about Triple-O's burgers is their own ever-juicy patties, freshly-baked bun, fresh new, crisp ingredients, its super yummy secret sauce and that pickle topping that is so refreshing it makes me desire for more. It's good to hear that Triple-O's is now available in Manila, and I can order their burgers whenever I need to to.

Why Triple-O's? Unlike in other burger joints, its unusual flavors makes them distinct to one another. They also have milkshakes that basically cools me down and refreshes me in this horrendous summer heat. Its comfy atmosphere is basically inviting. That is why I like it here. Food ambience great people = an experience that is worth every peso.

For this reason I'm the happiest when I saw this original promo from MetroDeal I can now have 500 pesos worth of food and drinks on Triple-O's for only 300 pesos! The 40% off deal is a superb treat for everyone who is really a fan of Triple-O's burgers, shakes plus much more.

Knowing that Metrodeal is reputable because of their amazing promos, I can now ensure on my amazing purchase!

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Monday, April 13, 2015

Useful dandy pedi spin callus remover

I've been OC for my own whole feet. I always make sure that I had a once a week pedicure, foor parrafin, foot spa and massage. I've been like this for I run and wear high heels for the whole day, and my feet and my legs is killing me! I deserve to get some pampering and to give some TLC to my sorely weary feet, all because I should have it.

But weekly pedicures and spas are worth the money. I've observed some deals thought, but still I must spend money on them. I can pedicure my fingernails though but buffing my feet to eliminate the calluses? This is the main problem that I need to get rid of.

Callous removers are a delight to behold: they are indeed a lifesaver, and I can even do this at home! Having few touches and spins, the dry skin is fully gone, along with the grime that comes with it. It is a shock that it comes with the hefty value. Good thing Metrodeal has its offer that has a 66% off the original cost. It is indeed a good deal for me, for I can now get this amazing callus remover for only 269 pesos!: )

We have already made a purchase, and I'm looking forward to my order! Thankful for Metrodeal for this amazing deal and other promos posted on the website. I can't wait buy more deals at their store soon!

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Sunday, March 29, 2015

Budget-friendly Sagada and Banaue Adventure, thanks to MetroDeal

I've watched “That thing called tadhana” months ago after it had been being shown in the theater. It was a cult hit, and somehow, I can see myself through the leading character. Mace has been a sweetheart who's been in a relationship with her boyfriend for almost 7 years. She even went abroad to be with him, only she caught him having an affair with a girl. Heartbroken, she went home, met a fellow filipino while on the airport, went on a detour instead ongoing home and had a roadtrip as far as Banaue and Sagada in order to move on with the hurtful past.

Aside from the colorful storyline, the scenes from their leaving abroad, their exchange of words and that wonderful scenes makes me want to be on vacation. The painful moving on process while these were in Banaue and Sagada struck me in a manner that it's miles away form the mainland Manila, for it's pure beauty is so beautiful that it bewilders me (everyone) who travelled there. Everything is well-preserved, un-tampered with, serene, with no hint of sky-high houses that block the majestic scenery of the mountains.

But the trip alone doesn't come cheap. The accommodations, the actual travel expenses, the food it costs me almost 1 / 2 of my bimonthly salary. Good thing that Metrodeal has this travel promo to Banaue and Sagada that gives a massive 56% off from the original price. It's a good deal indeed! Not only I can save more income, it also offers much much better deal than from other vacation packages.

Thankful to have that deal! I've already made my purchase and I am unable to wait to have my vacation in few week's time!

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Friday, March 13, 2015

Learning different languages at Academia language and Review Center

It is really a dream to learn different languages: Japanese, Mandarin, Fookien (my boyfriend's parents' local language, coz they're from mainland China), and so much much more. I've been a fan of foreign television series and the real reason for learning is to not count on the subtitles anymore.

Aside from most of these, I wanna have a cheerful chat with foreigners and have a conversation together. It is a great thing to know from them, and to rely on things that I watched is a great start to learn a word or 2 (or more), and I simply wanna get more info.

Taking foreign language lessons are really pricey. I've been looking on the prices for every session and it costs my days worth of salary, and I think it's too much.

Good thing Metrodeal now provides 40 sessions of language courses at the Academia language for only 99 pesos! It is an amazing deal that may be worth buying, for it originally costs at 10500 pesos! Now that's an incredible 90% off from the initial price!

I've already purchased this excellent deal, and I'm looking forward for my lessons soon!

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Monday, March 2, 2015

Underwater camera for summer adventure

Summer is just months apart and I'm excited! My boyfriend and I are intending to going to Balesin, Sagada, Batanes and Siquijor, and we still have months to go more for our planned schedule! I'd love to share every experience to everyone with pictures of our own crazy adventure this year.

The only thing that makes me sad nevertheless, is that my waterproof camera quit on me few months ago after it was bumped into something, I thought it's mostly a minor bump but that bump is really a nasty one that made my camera crack, and it's really hard to think that my trusty camera of 4 years just gave up on me.

The good ones that I adore costs too much for me, and I am skeptical to get the imitations from China for I am aware that it'll be a huge waste of money should it be broken. I'm very cautious on my expenses right now because of our planned holiday.

That is why I am half-hearted to see this underwater camera from Metrodeal just as much as I want to buy the item, I am skeptical. Until I find someone who is going to do a review on their purchase, then this is where I shall be deciding on buying one, until my friend really bought one.

Heyna, a close friend of mine, told me that this underwater camera is indeed great, especially for underwater shots. Videos are just ok but decent in such a way, so it's kinda passable. She already had her camera for month or two already.

So I ordered my camera ahead and I'm now awaiting the delivery. I really hope that the camera will be ok with me, will post my own evaluation soon!

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