Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Getaway to the Hundred Islands in Pangasinan For less!

to have a summer escape is something i always wanted to have for the longest time. Though we often have the company outing on different places that happens every year, I don't wish to hang out with them anymore for there're the ones who are causing me this uncontrollable stress this days.

After being in a relationship for the longest time now, my boyfriend and I needed to have this out-of-town escape, and we're thinking of having a trip to Pangasinan, Zamboanga, Batanes and Sagada. Money isn't any issue, but we like to get more souvenirs for our friends after we revisit from our much awaited vacation.

Having a trip to the north appears to be a great idea for us all. We haven't been to a few places, that is why immediately after we saw this Pangasinan adventure tour from Metrodeal, we got hooked because it's cheap and alsoit looks fun to us. We immediately bought the vouchers and proceed with our itinerary.

Reading the reviews makes us consider making the purchase first. Metrodeal complaints in some places are making rounds on the web, and good thing that the web site itself has a Reader's Digest seal, indicating that they were held among the trusted brand this year.

And having said that, I'm convinced that this deal is gonna be ideal for us. And I'm glad it is all worth it.

Thankful that i got to have this purchase! Looking forward for more purchases soon!