Friday, November 28, 2014

Great tasting Noche Buena ham from Sugar Mommy

Christmas is coming near and it's not easy to cut lower on my everyday budget. While everybody is busy with their shopping for presents, I'm calculating the cost on the whole noche buena dinner, together with my budget for my gifts for my inaanak. I think christmas isn't only the time for kids, but also a great reason to to crazily frugal and to spend too much simultaneously.

As much as I would like to cut my expenses for our yearly novhe buena dinner, it can be a must to buy a ham for christmas. I simply wished to exclude this actually and pre-book this for new year's event dinner, but my mom insisted to add this on my grocery list, sigh.

Christmas ham is truly expensive, that is why I wanted to have this excluded. Glad that i saw Sugar Mommy's promo at Metrodeal, where their christmas ham offering is usually availed for only 53% off the original price.

I've been buying different kinds of promos from Metrodeal, not because they are the trusted brand based on Reader's digest, but because their promos are legit and I never had any problems on the vouchers that I bought from them. I had to say that not every metrodeal complaints are true and most are made up from their own competitors IMHO.

Good thing that I've already bought one at the moment, or else It'll be out of stock once again!

I'll be looking forward for more of Metrodeal's incredible deals soon!: )

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