Friday, June 27, 2014

The great Korea adventure from MetroDeal

my mother in law is a big huge enthusiast of korea; korean food, koreanovelas, korean special things, something korean, just what exactly better way to treat her for her birthday celebration? of course take her to korea! seeing korea flights were extremely high priced in travel companies, we considered group buying websites which turned out to be a very clever move! Metrodeal has been providing a trip to korea, 4-Day/3-Nights Korean Getaway with Flight ticket, Accommodation, Meals along with Trips for only P27388 instead of P49780! awesome! i'm certain that my mother in law will love this treat & it's possible get her to like me personally much more hahahaha, but kidding around aside metrodeal has the best deals, inexpensive & quite simple to transact with. I must say i liked the good reviews about metrodeal. Thanks a lot folks!

Thanks for reading my review everyone!