Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Bubble tea happiness at Lai-an bubble tea

 Teas of all sorts is a thing that I love. Hot tea, iced teas, milk teas as well as bubble teas are kinda relaxing to my senses, especially when i am getting one in among breaks. Which is why right after I saw the Lai-an bubble tea promo from Metrodeal, I thought it was a terrific deal certainly, for it can only be purchased for only 89 pesos.

For me, teas is an excellent alternative to coffee, and it really is healthier as well. It really is relaxing for me to possess one for it relaxes me to the core. In contrast to in coffee, teas can destress me in particular on instances when I have to have to operate more on my projects. I just like the mild taste as well. :)

following checking on different blog reviews and testimonials, who would have thought that the deal that I bought from Metrodeal is such a God-send? I saved so much for this treat, for milk teas are my guilty pleasure and I love it a lot it literally hurts me towards the core. (blame it on my hyperacidity and heartburn attacks!)

Anyhow, I will certainly come back for much more. Will check on other metrodeal reviews for other bargains that I can purchase quickly!