Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Getaway to the Hundred Islands in Pangasinan For less!

to have a summer escape is something i always wanted to have for the longest time. Though we often have the company outing on different places that happens every year, I don't wish to hang out with them anymore for there're the ones who are causing me this uncontrollable stress this days.

After being in a relationship for the longest time now, my boyfriend and I needed to have this out-of-town escape, and we're thinking of having a trip to Pangasinan, Zamboanga, Batanes and Sagada. Money isn't any issue, but we like to get more souvenirs for our friends after we revisit from our much awaited vacation.

Having a trip to the north appears to be a great idea for us all. We haven't been to a few places, that is why immediately after we saw this Pangasinan adventure tour from Metrodeal, we got hooked because it's cheap and alsoit looks fun to us. We immediately bought the vouchers and proceed with our itinerary.

Reading the reviews makes us consider making the purchase first. Metrodeal complaints in some places are making rounds on the web, and good thing that the web site itself has a Reader's Digest seal, indicating that they were held among the trusted brand this year.

And having said that, I'm convinced that this deal is gonna be ideal for us. And I'm glad it is all worth it.

Thankful that i got to have this purchase! Looking forward for more purchases soon!

Friday, November 28, 2014

Great tasting Noche Buena ham from Sugar Mommy

Christmas is coming near and it's not easy to cut lower on my everyday budget. While everybody is busy with their shopping for presents, I'm calculating the cost on the whole noche buena dinner, together with my budget for my gifts for my inaanak. I think christmas isn't only the time for kids, but also a great reason to to crazily frugal and to spend too much simultaneously.

As much as I would like to cut my expenses for our yearly novhe buena dinner, it can be a must to buy a ham for christmas. I simply wished to exclude this actually and pre-book this for new year's event dinner, but my mom insisted to add this on my grocery list, sigh.

Christmas ham is truly expensive, that is why I wanted to have this excluded. Glad that i saw Sugar Mommy's promo at Metrodeal, where their christmas ham offering is usually availed for only 53% off the original price.

I've been buying different kinds of promos from Metrodeal, not because they are the trusted brand based on Reader's digest, but because their promos are legit and I never had any problems on the vouchers that I bought from them. I had to say that not every metrodeal complaints are true and most are made up from their own competitors IMHO.

Good thing that I've already bought one at the moment, or else It'll be out of stock once again!

I'll be looking forward for more of Metrodeal's incredible deals soon!: )

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Monday, November 17, 2014

I would like more dimsum delights and more from Pearl River Cafe!

I had an opportunity to try out Pearl River Cafe a week after its opening through a blogger friend. I've tried the noodles, dimsum, their cutesy dumplings as well as their tea offerings. Everything is indeed delicious and mouthwatering, and in case you were to ask me, I'd like to go back and try their other dishes on their menu.

As I said, I would love to come back, but then I'm strapped with cash as a some unexpected personal problems. I am dreaming of their noodle dishes that we really love and the pikachu-like dessert that's too cute to bite. I've been dreaming of it, and I can't wait to go back, especially now that they got a promo from Metrodeal.

Although Metrodeal has some metrodeal complaints posted on a number of the blogs as I researched upon Google, that doesn't stop me from buying the vouchers from their website. The seal from Readers' Digest that they're one of the trusted brands is why I keep on buying on the latest deals.

The service and also the food at the Pearl River Cafe is really delicious that I could only wish that i bought more vouchers from the Metrdeal website. I'm glad that i made a choice, and will surely go back again!

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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

That sophisticated phone that is Nokia Asha 210

I've been a proud owner of several phones and that includes several Nokia phones that is certainly either lost from the pockpockters or with my very own carelessness. It's hard to think that I am a careless little girl for losing mobile phones in the process, as I lost a amount of phones all my life.

The recent one that I lost is among the gorgeous android phones that I've ever seen. Good thing that it came from a local brand, for I got it for the best price, given its amazing technical specs. Sadly, it was lost with the hands of the pickpocketers, and I can't help but to cry with the pictures saved from my mobile phone.

But good to hear that Metrodeal features a Nokia Asha 210 dual sim phone is available for only P2, 399 pesos. I've heard a great deal about Nokia's line of Asha phones and i have been curious on what a windows phone offers for me personally. Ever since I worked, I've been a fan of both iPhone and Android phones due to its function and style, and its features never ceases to disappoint me. Added to that are the gaming apps and other applications which have been undeniably useful for everyday use. I just hope that this kind of windows phone never disappoints me.

Somehow, i'm amazed on the particular Nokia Asha 210 itself. The actual keypads reminds me of my own former Blackberry and Samsung mobile phone, and it's more faster as compared to my former mobile handles. Good to recognise That MetroDeal sells this on the website for 40% off, and i'm now very sure I'll be having it.

Awaiting to have this phone soon! Many thanks Metrodeal for this amazing promo!: D

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Friday, October 24, 2014

Experience charming Cebu at Europa Mansionette Inn

I'm always looking forward to visit Cebu. Great food, great places, friendly people and rich history that goes to the pre-colonial times. In contrast to Manila, cebu is one of the best places to settle in for it feels much safer, and one and only thing that makes me worried could be the language barrier, for I don't understand how to speak Cebuano.

But I've always been longing for that much-needed vacation in Cebu! And good thing Metrodeal has this excellent promo at the Europa Mansionette Inn, a spanish-style inn that is situated in the middle of the Cebu metropolis. Its old world charm makes me fall in love with this place, and I would love to stay for few days here to explore what Cebu city has to offer for me.

And another good thing is usually that Metrodeal has this deal posted on the site an overnight stay for the Europa Mansionette at 50%off is often a good deal! Now that's really something personally. Now I need to acquire those vouchers and book my flight to Cebu for the relaxing stay for 4 nights here.

It's amazing how Metrodeal has this promo which is suited for my tight finances. Now I can afford these deals without hurting my budget and I could even access the vouchers and print them everytime using their mobile app. Now that's being creative!: )

now I got my confirmation on the vouchers that I purchased, glad that i made my choice! Can't wait to visit now to cebu and to talk about my experience, so till the very next time!: )

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Monday, October 13, 2014

Anneyong from BibimHaru Korean Restaurant

korean food makes me content. I love the taste of bibimbap and japchae, and this soothing relief of ramyun. I needed this penchant for anything korean because it's healthy, flavorful and cost-effective than most foreign cuisines that I've tried.

I met up with a friend of mine (who was working near SM Mall of Asia) once and we went to BibimHaru Korean Restaurant. We tried their dishes and I'm delighted on the wonderful dishes and we sooo want to come back! But we see to it that we schedule it, or it'll break our wallets as well as cry in grief.

Good thing that Metrodeal has this phenomenal promo! I can now buy their 300 pesos worth of food and drinks for just 180 pesos! It's a good deal indeed, and shopping for amazing discounts is easy with Metrodeal! So without hesitations, I bought their deal instantly and reserve in advance for me and my friend's dinner date! And we went there days after.

Glad that we made the best choice! Their food is simply delicious and I can't help but to admire the presentation at the same time. The staff are the most welcoming and they are courteous on our needs. Every little thing is amazing indeed.

I love this deal the most! Hoping for more purchases through Metrodeal soon!: )

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