Friday, December 13, 2013

My getaway to Hong Kong Disneyland

I've been skeptical on acquiring travel deals from discount voucher internet sites. I've reading some reviews from blogger's experiences in purchasing travel promos on the net and they're the WORST.

But I've been reading some superior critiques, especially those from the well-known daily deal sites. I saw excellent Metrodeal critiques about their posted travel offers, and upon hearing from a friend of mine about her experience in acquiring a travel deal from their web page, I realize that I really need to give this a try.

I've been a thrifty shopper on the net, and finding amazingly drop-down priced deals from Cashcashpinoy, Ensogo, Dealgrocer and MetroDeal is usually a must for me. But from all the sites that I've pointed out, the ones from Metrodeal stood most for me as a result of the vast line of bargains that they posted and the speedy transactions that I had from them.

It is my first time in fact to buy a travel deal from them, for I've always acquire meals, salon and product offers in the aforementioned daily deal sites. I've already bought tickets weeks before my preferred date, and that is certainly why I'm searching for a budget-friendly Hong Kong accommodation and i will using this said travel deal to the test drive.

The transactions are quick and smooth as usual. After Metrodeal has verified my voucher purchase, I right away informed the merchant for my preferred travel date and great factor that they can accommodate me on the hotel and my selected Disneyland tour. I've been a Mickey Mouse fan ever since, and to set my foot for the most magical place on the planet can be a dream come true.

Ok, I do admit that I'm nonetheless having doubts even though I've studied numerous good metrodeal reviews ( right here and there, but just after I arrived at Hong Kong, went to the preferred hotel and went towards the Disneyland tour, I was completely stoked. I had the time of my life as I invest the day with my preferred Disney characters, enjoyed the rides and attractions, watched the parade and left amazed at the wild fireworks show at the Disney castle itself. It was insane. It was wonderful. And I want much more.

My astounding hongkong encounter is more than incredible. It was magical, and I never ever thought that i will having this moment at such a friendly price, due to metrodeal. I will be acquiring another set of travel vouchers from them once more for sure, searching forward for more budget-friendly travel adventures quickly!