Monday, November 4, 2013

Salon De San Lorenzo's Rebonding treatment

How I wish I had an eyecatching straight, long and manageable hair. I've been envious from those who had natural long locks, and those who had all the money in the world to purchase the most costly treatments for their hair. I know that it's all for the beauty's sake but I think it's ok to make yourself look good for all.

Rebonding has always been a remedy for my ridiculously lengthful and bushy locks. I had this mischievous set of curls since I was a tiny kiddo. If you watched Disney Pixar's Brave, Merida's hair looks a lot like mine, only in dark brown. I don't wanna chop my hair for I'll be looking like a walking pompom, that's why i'd rather have it crazily long and wavy.

My close friend who knows on my hairy despair suddenly gave me a surprise gift, a Metrodeal voucher. It was a hair rebonding treatment with blow dry, wash, haircut and hot oil treatment for only P1000 pesos. I was surprised on this gift, for it's a chance for me to revive my hair into its gorgeous glory. I'm actually happy that Metrodeal has this amazingly discounted promo at the fraction of the cost, saving my friend a big 88% off from its original price on this astounding promo. And knowing that Salon de San Lorenzo that is located in Makati has good online reviews on giving results that are satisfying to the customers, I have no second thoughts on using this Metrodeal voucher for a makeover of a lifetime.

Since the salon requires reservations, I called them for my preferred schedule and went to the salon. The place itself has a nice touch of simplicity and elegance, and people are attentive and caring as well. They use high-quality products for their hair treatments to ensure the condition of their customer's crowning glory and after the agony of waiting for the rebonding, blowdry, haircut, wash and hot oil procedure, the results are beautiful! I love how my hair has turned from a fluffy mop to a glamorosa!

My friends are oh so surprised on my new look, I look like a different person afterwards! I never thought that I'll be receiving a lot of compliments from my colleagues and friends, for they love the brand-new “me”. Yes I'm still on in awe after my treatment, thanks to MetroDeal.

So thankful that MetroDeal for having this deal, it's a heaven sent!