Thursday, October 10, 2013

Metrodeal's Decadent Gerald Brasserie Dessert Cakes

Ahh desserts. I've been in awe with all kinds of candies, sweets and cakes. I see to it that I'll be having a slice of this decadent treat after I had my usual dinner or lunch, especially when I'm accompanied with my friends.

But cakes has been, and will always been expensive if buying it on a daily basis. A single slice alone is priced at 50-300 pesos, and the price depends on the brand, the quality and the taste itself. That's why I opt to treat myself on a slice of my favorite cake once in a while.

Then Metrodeal, the said to be the leading group buying site in the country, has this amazing cake offer from Gerald Brasserie. I heard little about the Gerald Brasserie Bakery that is situated near my office in Pasong Tamo, Makati. What I like about it is the bakery's laid-back atmosphere where you can relax and dine in. But the thing that I like most is their line of cakes itself. Decadent, moist, absolutely baked to perfection. Their cakes may be priced higher, but with their Metrodeal promo, the 300 pesos worth of dessert cakes and Iced tea can now be availed for only 180 pesos.

Sounds really cheap right? You bet! I've been searching everything about Metrodeal and I'm glad that it's not an online scam site. Though they had some bad reviews posted on different websites from the site's previous merchants (as I heard and searched online), I'm glad that they cater to a lot of consumers who are totally convinced with Metrodeal's line of enchanting deals that has amazingly-priced discounts.

I bought a number of vouchers from the Gerald Brasserie Bakery deal and availed on it using the printed vouchers that I bought from them. Good thing that the said deal is available on different cakes, namely: Kenya (coffee mouse, chocolate ganache), Chocolate Pyramid (crunchy hazelnet center), Apple Tart (caramelized apples), Intense Chocolate, Tarte Tatin (with meringue), Blueberry Tart, Lemon Tart, Opera, Strawberry Cake, Tiramisu and Framboiser. And to have a glass of iced-cold iced tea and it's one delicious treat.

I used the promo with a friend of mine who hasn't tried the cakes from Gerald Brasserie. She's also thrilled as well for she's a fan of sweets as well. I'm glad that she loves my personal favorite Tiramisu and Blueberry Tart, for it's so decadent, moist and sinfully delicious. I'm in all tears that she also enjoys it as well.

I'm glad that I get this deliciously luscious promo from Metrodeal. Hoping to see this deal again soon! :)