Thursday, August 8, 2013

The Comida Ilocandia feast on a budget with my friends, thanks to MetroDeal

I've been a fan of Ilocano food for as long as I can remember, maybe because my dad's from the northern side of the country and he usually cooks us Tinuno and Igado, two of the dishes that are native to that place. It's always a fiesta everytime my dad wants to create these wonderful Ilocano dishes, and he sees to it that he will invite his kumpadres along.

There are some times that I'm also craving for other Ilocano dishes the Bagnet is so sinfully good treat, and the Ilocos empanada is a delicious meal that is perfect for merienda. I can't seem to control my craving for food that's why everytime me and my friends hang out, I always tell them to drop by in a restaurant where they serve delicious Ilocano cuisine... and they did!

Few days ago, I went to my friend's house in Quezon City and I saw a glimpse of this restaurant as I went home. Later did I found out that it was Comida Ilocandia, a cozy little restaurant that serves slow-cooked-but-perfectly-cooked Ilocano dishes for everyone to enjoy. It's a delicious treat indeed for some of the northerners and curious people who wants to have a taste of authentic Ilocano dishes that will surely be loved by many of us.

I told this enchanting find at at her and she told me about the promo that she saw at Metrodeal it was a 50% discount on food and drinks at Comida Ilocandia for only 250! It was a sumptuous meal that I don't wanna miss! After checking the Metrodeal's website and read the inclusions of the deal I decided to to buy the promo. My friends and I decided on going to the Comida ilocandia to have a taste on their dishes!

We set the date on saturday so that we could go back to Comida Ilocandia with the Metrodeal voucher in our hands, and we're shocked that the restaurant is full at that time! When we got to have our seats at that time we ordered the house special the boxed meal that consist of Adobo, Bagnet, Longanisa and Tinuno. It was all sinfully “healthy” and delicious for all of us. I can't help but to have another box meal while having a sip of the restaurant's house special The Basi and the Champola!

It was a night to remember because of the company of friends and the food! And best of all, the Ilocandia feast is all worth it thanks to MetroDeal!