Friday, August 30, 2013

My newbie fencing experience

I've been in awe at the world of sports ever since. I always see to it that I'll watch the sports channel or the Olympics just to watch them do their amazing stunts. I like to watch basketball and billiards in general, and I also like to watch the gymnastics for they look so graceful and flexible.

Another sport that captured my attention is fencing. Why so? It's like a swords fight, but not bloody and it really looks classy. I love the fact that it looks precise, but in a swift manner.

Watching them do their sword moves makes me want to learn more about fencing. I have never tried the sport in my entire life, but I decided to give it a try, just for the love of the sport. I'm also happy that MetroDeal has this basic fencing class for only 149 per session!

After buying these vouchers on the said deal, I think it's all worth buying for, and here's why:

  • It's less costly than on other deals I've seen so many deals posted in the site, and this is the cheapest that I've seen.
  • Convenient Since I'm based in makati, the one that is situated in Perea is the most convenient for me.
  • Perfect for beginers in the said sport After checking the profile online, they said that they can teach the everything for newbies, great thing for noobs like me haha! :))
  • Fencing gear is provided on the area after checking the things needed for the sport, I found out that the saber itself is really costly! I simply can't afford to have one. And the protective clothing needed are more costly. Good thing that they provided the gear for our use, and they see to it that protective gear sanitised for the next user.
  • There are separate classes for kids and the kids at heart good thing that basic fencing classes are offered for kids and grown-ups, and I can interact with them too!
  • Teachers are qualified and accomodating One of my fencing teachers has competed in different fencing bouts here and outside the country, and despite his strong features, he's really nice too! Talk about talent and looks, and I think he's kinda yummy hahaha! :D

And so I went to my first fencing session in Makati few weeks ago and they teach me the fencing basics, and as I arrived I need to be dressed up in my protective gear. They taught me the basics, and I never thought that this can be this tough! Fencing needs to be precise, and the moves need to be fast. One slight move or point can cause damage or points to the opponent, that's why professional fencers needs to be swift and precise in order to win.

Good thing I purchase more on this amazing promo from MetroDeal. Looking forward to my next fencing session!

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