Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Can't get enough of Q-Mochi's delectable treats at a budget-friendly price, from MetroDeal!

I've been a addict for desserts and sweets for so long. Desserts, like toys makes me a one happy girlie. It makes me elevate to different places, and takes me to the heavenly abode. It has taken me to exotic places that I never dreamed of.

I know it's crazy as it seems, but my sweetness addiction has never stop. It's been in my daily regimen and I think it will never vanish. I love its effect on me, but I'm ok with that.

Right now, I'm craving for japanese sweets for it has a distinct taste that I never found on other kinds of desserts. I've tried japanese cakes, mochis and pretzels in general. And right now, I saw this mochi cake that looks promising to eat from a local grocery in Taguig. It was from Q-mochi, a well-known mochi brand in Indonesia. I was surprised that there's a mochi brand that came not on Japan, but on the largest archipelago in the world. I think it's worth the try, knowing that it came from a place unknown for me.

A friend of mine told me about this Metrodeal promo Q-Mochi's choco pie or mochi cake promo from Metrodeal sure looks yummy! I saw these awesome mochi cakes from the grocery and it costs around 300 pesos, it only costs around 140 pesos in Metrodeal, and I think it's a sweet deal!

And so without second thoughts, I bought the deal and went to Market Market to claim the offer using my printed voucher and some IDs that is needed to claim the sweet treat. And boy I tell you, the mochi cake is heaven on earth, I can hear the angels sing the Aleluia chorus after having my first bite! And even the mochi choco pie has the right kind of sweetness that I've been craving for. It was all worth it!

Luckily, that I purchase 10 vouchers for this astounding promo from MetroDeal, so that I could share this delightful treat to my friends and family. For sure they will be surprised on this amazing deal, and on this delectable Indonesian treat.

I have to give my thumbs up on this astounding discovery, and on the price as well. It was worth it as it soothes my sweet tooth. I’m so thankful to Metrodeal's amazing discounts for this wonderful treat! :)