Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Helpful Compact razor for the people who is always on the go

I'm always on the road. To be a travel blogger gives me a chance to see picturesque places in and outside the country, to mingle with different people and get a chance to learn their culture that is different to us. That is why every payday and/or holiday, I see to it that I am all set for a getaway that I will never forget. I just need to pack my travel stuff that I need and I am ready to go.

Of course, I bring the essentials everytime I went out of the city. Though there are some hotels and inns that can provide everything that I need, still it's appopriate to come prepared. Like this experience that I had before when I went to Banaue, where I stayed in a transient room there and they were no amenities inside. I've no other choice but to buy them at their local store. It was all expensive.

Lesson learned: When in travel, be prepared at all times.

It was a lesson learned for me, that is why I am now preparing my stuff for my next travel getaway to be set next week. I was browsing for travel tips online and some helpful stuff when I saw this deal from my girlfriend's laptop:

Looking at the razor and mirror set from Metrodeal, I think it is a great find for me to have one in my travel bag. My girlfriend also thinks it's a must-have in her kikay kit, for she can conveniently shave her legs while on the road (lol!) I was talking to her as I saw this, for there are some disposable razors being sold at local convenience stores that costs much less than this one. I let her order so that she can review this product that she ordered on the MetroDeal site.

After she placed her order and have it delivered to her house, I went by to see her recent purchase. I was amazed that the set doesn't look like a shaver at all it was like a card but only bigger. I also think that it's a convenient-looking thing, for it is foldable and slim, and it can be tucked inside the wallet or in any other flat surface. Another thing that amazes me is that there are also extra blades that can also be seen inside this amazing set.

I was also shocked that my girlfriend bought two one for her and for me! Now I can able to try this set at home.

After trying this razor as I got home I realized that it performs the same as any other razor available. And with the mirror included in the set I think it's convenient to have one, especially if I have stubbles already while I'm on a travel and I'm in desperate need to shave.

It was a great investment indeed to have one, a great addition to my emergency hygiene kit. Now I'm thankful to have this amazing product from Metrodeal!