Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Exploring the nature of Caramoan in a cheapest way possible, thanks to MetroDeal!

I always admire at the gorgeous Caramoan islands' beauty, for it's always been one of the main tourists' attractions located in Camarines Sur. I thought of it one of the precious gems hidden in the Philippines because of its pristine beach situated at the heart of the Caramoan peninsula. The beach's enchanting beauty makes it the primary location of the show “Survivor Caramoan” few years ago.

Me, Nico, Bill, Oshi and Macci are all in focus in the much-needed getaway outside the city. We chose to have a vacation in Caramoan because of its charm, exclusivity and natural beauty. It is something that we all like in a vacation, to own a place so that we can do everything we wanted. :)

So we searched on different promos and deals posted on the internet, and we droped by Metrodeal's website and saw their Caramoan travel deal. The 2-D/1-N stay in the island with transfers, meal and island hopping promo is now only 1999 pesos! I think it's a real steal deal, for the usual price costs 5000 pesos and the Caramoan travel promo from Metrodeal will definitely help me save a lot. All of us made a decision to get this deal and use it, that's why without second thoughts, we bought 5 on their website, make the reservations ready, filled on our vacation leaves and set ourselves to an adventure of a lifetime!

After we arrived from Naga city, the personnel from the travel agency welcomed and greeted us to CamSur. We were escorted to the van going to the inn so that we can rest and prepare ourselves to our vacation. And as we arrive to the inn our lunch is already served. Of course, we need to devour ourselves to Camarines Sur's native delicacies before we head ourselves to the beach.

So after we changed on our clothes and ate our lunch, we went to the boat going to the island. The 30-minute banca ride was all worth it for as we arrived at the gorgeous Caramoan island we are all in awe at how beautiful and picturesque the whole island is. Intricate, gorgeous, untouched by nature and completely secluded from the modern society, we could almost feel that we were all included in the cast of “Survivor Caramoan”, it was indeed crazy and fun!

So to summarize everything on our great Caramoan adventure? It was WOW! Everything is planned well, and the hotel staff was accommodating and helpful too. It was well worth it for we are all given the best care and being in the island itself is an experience to remember. I will definitely want to go back again. :)

So thank you Metrodeal for having this amazing deals to your website!