Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Back to Tradition: Wedding Anniversary Present Courtesy of Metro Deal

If there was 1 love story I like to hear more than and more than once more, it will be that of my aunt and uncle. They have been each and every other’s initial loves, but fell apart after a couple of years dating each other. 5 years passed, and they didn’t hear from each other once again. They started seeing other people, but not one of them could fill the gap left by their 1st enjoy. In time, the two of them met once again through a job interview for any firm that they each applied to. Both of them got the job, however it does not imply that they worked factors out involving them now that they're functioning together. It even got worst. They have been in tight competition with one another that their supervisor decided to create them work collectively on a single project. Forced to function with one another and with competition set aside, they began to warm as much as each other and rekindle the old flame amongst them.

The rest, I can say, is history.

My aunt and uncle got married on the similar year that I was born making this year as their 25th year wedding anniversary. And also right after 25 years of constant bickering with one another, it is clear to everyone that in spite of their lots of differences they appreciate one a further. To celebrate this memorable occasion, they'll be retaking their vows in the same church exactly where they got married. They wanted to recreate the occasion down to the last detail that they even scheduled the “wedding” around the very same day and hour that it took spot 25 years ago.

To get in addition to the theme, my aunt’s siblings (my mom, integrated) decided to offer gifts which can be the exact same or equivalent for the ones they gave just before. My mom gave them a glass bowl set, which broke when my aunt’s house was devastated by the typhoon Ondoy.

We had a hard time searching for a glass bowl set mainly because a lot of the ones being sold in malls cost about Php 500 to 1000. Then I remembered that Metrodeal once had a voucher for a container set and told my mom that I’ll verify it out ahead of we go acquire the bowl set we identified.

To my luck, Metrodeal had this voucher posted to get a 5-piece glass bowl set for only Php 115. It was currently 77% off from the original cost of Php 500, microwavable, and includes covers for each bowl, which also make it practical for storage. My mom agreed to have this deal as well as the bowls had been delivered to our doorstep.

The wedding anniversary was a accomplishment. My aunt and uncle kept laughing once they found out we had purchased exactly the same gifts as was provided to them before. It may possibly not be exactly the exact same item, nevertheless it was adequate to bring back the fantastic memories that each and every present represented.