Sunday, February 3, 2013

Metrodeal Scams aren’t true

I'm a marketing officer of an American company in Ortigas, additionally a part time baker on weekends, I accept orders for fondant cakes and cupcakes for different occasions and I am a full time mom for my 2 kids. With my hectic schedule, I am having a hard time dealing with my loved ones. It’s my wish to have some time for my children, and that i wanted to have a simple vacation on my small Birthday. It wasn’t that simple to prepare a Birthday celebration for myself. But I wanted to celebrate it with my loved ones and then we could at least bond for quite a while and indulge ourselves on the luxury we deserve.

I've chose to book a resort in the beautiful place in Batangas called, Puntha Fuego. My loved ones, along with my parents and my younger sister, enjoyed our stay at Club Puntha Fuego last November 26-28. We had so much fun and we were happy with the rooms and also the hotel’s services and facilities. I knew we’ll going to enjoy every minute of our trip. Thanks to Metrodeal (, they have provided me hot deals for this Puntha Fuego getaway!

It wasn’t that hard to avail vouchers, actually it was one click away.

I simply need to call and ensure Indochina Strings Travel Agency at 462-6000. I asked if they're actually accepting vouchers from Metrodeal (, and they confirmed. I simply press the “Buy Now” button and bought 7 vouchers for my family. It just costs P10,493 as an alternative to P30,800! Think of the awesome discount we received!

Here is where we lodge at Puntha Fuego!

We all enjoyed the discounted price of massage services. They gave us a sweet amount of 15% discount on massages. My parents and I tried the usual “Hilot” massage. It was divine! We were so contended and lucky in the place as well as the services Puntha Fuego has offered us. Our stay was memorable and the kids truly had a good time in the beach and the swimming pool in the resort. It turned out to be a superb holiday for us! I'm so happy We have allotted time on preparing such simple yet affordable and memorable Birthday treat to myself! Thanks MetroDeal! (