Wednesday, February 27, 2013

A Meal Deal Like No Other - Barrio Fiesta Deal from MetroDeal

The Crispy Pata from Barrio Fiesta would be the ideal one particular there is certainly hands down. They make it so great that when men and women assume of Crispy Pata, they associate it with Barrio Fiesta. I for one particular, have fallen in really like with it the very first time I tasted it. I don't think I'll ever taste a Crispy Pata as delicious as what they have.

But obviously, Barrio Fiesta is not all about Crispy Pata, or their name could be Crisy Pata Fiesta. It was only by means of MetroDeal that I discovered additionally they have Whole Fried Chicken and Seafood Paella Rice. With my inner foodie screaming "Want!", I grabbed the deal for only Php 490. This entitled me to each dishes with each other using a 1.five Pepsi that will be excellent for four men and women.

Together with 3 of my workplace buddies, we had our monthly fridate at Barrio Fiesta. I was shocked when we got there since commonly, there were not that several customers. It was apparent that I wasn't the only one particular who availed the vouchers simply because many tables possess the identical order as we will be getting. Appears like I am not the only MetroDeal subscriber right here.

Meals verdict: four out of 5 stars. Their chicken was flavorful and the skin was crispy, and the paella was a little salty for my taste. But the seafood that came with it definitely did nicely to compliment the rice. Not surprisingly, I didn't miss out around the Crispy Pata. I just had to order a single as pasalubong for my family at house.

General, I believe I had availed an awesome group deal for Barrio Fiesta from MetroDeal. Commonly, I would not be capable of afford feeding four individuals within a restaurant like Barrio Fiesta but MetroDeal produced it probable. Just a request though... Can we please possess a Crispy Pata voucher subsequent time? Quite please?