Wednesday, February 27, 2013

A Meal Deal Like No Other - Barrio Fiesta Deal from MetroDeal

The Crispy Pata from Barrio Fiesta would be the ideal one particular there is certainly hands down. They make it so great that when men and women assume of Crispy Pata, they associate it with Barrio Fiesta. I for one particular, have fallen in really like with it the very first time I tasted it. I don't think I'll ever taste a Crispy Pata as delicious as what they have.

But obviously, Barrio Fiesta is not all about Crispy Pata, or their name could be Crisy Pata Fiesta. It was only by means of MetroDeal that I discovered additionally they have Whole Fried Chicken and Seafood Paella Rice. With my inner foodie screaming "Want!", I grabbed the deal for only Php 490. This entitled me to each dishes with each other using a 1.five Pepsi that will be excellent for four men and women.

Together with 3 of my workplace buddies, we had our monthly fridate at Barrio Fiesta. I was shocked when we got there since commonly, there were not that several customers. It was apparent that I wasn't the only one particular who availed the vouchers simply because many tables possess the identical order as we will be getting. Appears like I am not the only MetroDeal subscriber right here.

Meals verdict: four out of 5 stars. Their chicken was flavorful and the skin was crispy, and the paella was a little salty for my taste. But the seafood that came with it definitely did nicely to compliment the rice. Not surprisingly, I didn't miss out around the Crispy Pata. I just had to order a single as pasalubong for my family at house.

General, I believe I had availed an awesome group deal for Barrio Fiesta from MetroDeal. Commonly, I would not be capable of afford feeding four individuals within a restaurant like Barrio Fiesta but MetroDeal produced it probable. Just a request though... Can we please possess a Crispy Pata voucher subsequent time? Quite please?

Monday, February 25, 2013

Easing the Stress Away with MetroDeal and Blu De Soleil

I keep in mind what my granddad asked me to perform anytime he feels a stiffness on his back. He would inform me to get a number of little thick drinking glasses and an equal number of tea candles from my grandmother’s altar. He will then lie down around the bed, flat on his stomach, as I light the candles and carefully place them on his back. Before the candles even melt the wax, I would rapidly cover it face down with among the glasses, trapping the flame within. This may be repeated for the other glasses and tea candles, till it forms two straight rows with all the spine within the middle.

Then I will watch as the flame extinguishes and part of my grandfather’s skin will lifts up inside the glass as a result of the hot air pressure.

No, we have been not doing a preparation for any ritual. What I had just described was how we utilized to accomplish Ventosa massage at house. Ventosa utilised to become performed within the provinces or by the regional hilot, and not lots of of the city folk know about it (and even brave to attempt). That's why my classmates in Manila would often give me a weird look when I tell them about it.

But inside the current years, the ventosa cupping theraphy has moved from the provinces and into the spas inside the city. I was a little shocked when, while walking inside a mall, I located a number of spas offering the ventosa massage theraphy. I wanted to attempt it out however the mall was rather far from my location. Then my neighbor told me that Blu de Soleil spa delivers ventosa massage, and that they at present possess a promo posted on MetroDeal. She gave me among her vouchers and asked me to come with her when she goes there. When I looked at the voucher, I asked her if what was printed there was real. Printed in black and white have been the words "P175 in place of P550 for a 75-Min. Ventosa with Entire Body Massage... Save 68%". This can be the very first time I saw a deal like this. I've attempted other group purchasing internet sites but only MetroDeal was able to offer us this significantly discount for a spa service!

My experience using the ventosa at Blu De Soleil? It wasn't the exact same as using the traditional ventosa massage I grew up on, however the impact continues to be exactly the same, which, in my truthful opinion, is substantially much more vital. Right after our massage, I felt really relaxed plus the stiffness of my muscles had loosened. Try it for yourself and feel your tension go away.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Maintaining Meals and Secure together with the Support of MetroDeal

To the majority of us, plastic containers are all of the same. Whether we purchased it from the shop or it employed to hold a gallon of ice cream, it's no huge deal if we use them more than and more than once again. The truth is, we're assisting the atmosphere by reusing these plastic containers as opposed to throwing them in the dumpsite.

But following reading this short article ( inside the world wide web, I realized that our age old belief about plastic containers isn't correct. Not all plastic containers are protected to be reused to hold food once more. Most plastic containers inside the industry that may be applied for meals packaging are meant to become employed when and need to be disposed of immediately. Reuse of such containers will result in the food stored inside them to become contaminated by the chemicals used within the production in the bottle.

I was shocked when I learned about this, as the majority of the food containers I had had been reused ice cream gallon containers. And I've been applying them to retailer meals for many years! Who knows how much unwanted and damaging chemical substances have already entered my physique just because of that careless act?

I wanted to modify the containers as soon as you possibly can, but with my tight price range, I know I'll only have the ability to purchase at the least five pieces of plastic containers, and that's not even putting the size into consideration.

It was whilst I was browsing the online world that I discovered this life-saving deal from MetroDeal! For only Php350 (46% off the original value of Php650), I was in a position to acquire 17 pieces of plastic containers of varying sizes! And its not just one of your run-of-the-mill sort of plastic container. These had been from Ikea, an American enterprise produced well-known for their ready-to-assemble and ergonomic house and kitchen furnishings and solutions. The containers are transparent, creating it easy to check on what's inside, and comes with person plastic covers that tightly seals the top to make certain you will find no leaks coming from inside and you will discover no bacteria coming in from outdoors.

I can say that it was a great buy for me, thanks to MetroDeal.

I hope that people who are reading this may also recognize the dangers that their plastic ware may well have been providing them. It is time that you just adjust your plastic ware to be sure that your meals not simply stays fresh, but additionally healthier, longer.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Discovering Bohol Through MetroDeal

I can still bear in mind the very first time I went to Bohol. I went there with my co-worker to perform a preview for certainly one of our clients. Even though our expenditures had been paid for by our business, we only got to remain for any short time that we hardly got the likelihood to go around and discover the beauty of Bohol. That is why I swore to myself that I'll go back to Bohol, and that next time, it's going to not be because of operate, but due to the fact I am on trip.

Considering the fact that then, I had been carrying out a little planning for my dream to return to Bohol. I've subscribed towards the every day updates of several airlines when waiting for that elusive promo package. I've also looked in to the accommodations, the tour fare, and so on. My estimated computation nearly created me fall from my chair.

If I wanted to pursue my Bohol trip, I'd require at least Php 15,000.

The most significant part of the expense was the airfare. A standard round-trip ticket from Manila to Tagbilaran and back already charges about Php three,000. And that's excluding the hotel accommodations, meals, and tour rates!

Fantastic point I located this excellent deal from MetroDeal. I was capable to love three days in Bohol for more than half the value it ordinarily fees!

What produced me so delighted in regards to the deal was that it covered every little thing I could ever require for my Bohol trip! For starters, I was treated to a tourist spot around the 1st day simply because Bohol Bee Farm, the place exactly where I will be staying, can also be a tourist spot on its personal! The food at the breakfast was delicious, but I can't wait to attempt out their buffet. I spent the rest in the afternoon of day one particular exploring the Bee Farm alone. The subsequent two days, I explored the rest of Bohol. I had lunch in the Loboc River Cruise and met the Tarsiers. I watched the Chocolate Hills turn to brown and also got pictures at the renowned Ship House.

If it weren't for MetroDeal, I wouldn't have the likelihood to take my first out-of-town trips. I'm certain that this trip is just going to become the initial among quite a few. I'll preserve my eye on MetroDeal for the next time a further deal like this 1 comes about.

An exceptional Version of Spa Experience Because of MetroDeal!

I first am told about Ace Water Spa the instant when it was shown in the news. I got fully inquisitive due to the reason that the name "water spa" is very new to me. If you really tell me the term "spa", It is best to swiftly think of perfumed body massage treatment or salt scrubs. And so i did a web search about and found out that Ace Water Spa is based upon the idea of water therapy which makes use of water to alleviate and/or heal pains. And its not really a new type of therapy either. As reported by Wikipedia, hydrotherapy got started even way back in Ancient Egypt in which they used fragrant water or heated baths in the session.

 The goal is likewise not pretty unique in the Philippines since we still have the genuine hot springs and waterfalls, and the majority of swimming resorts offer jacuzzi and water jets in their swimming pools. But only Ace Water Spa had the ability to show all of this located under one roof.

 That's exactly why I became fully happy when I be informed the 37% off Ace Water Spa package from MetroDeal! I got 8 vouchers for myself and my guests and we had fun trying out each one of the pools. We even tried the kiddie pool! (The people kept gazing at us though, so we usually had to get out before the lifeguard notices us). One of the many guys really liked the high pressure massage a lot he said he would have fallen asleep if not for the fact that there was water falling on him. While some of them were relaxing at the massage pools, the rest of us went into the workout pool and had a girls vs boys challenge against who can do 5 laps faster. (We girls won with a score of 2-1).

 We finished the last hour with a relaxing dip at the Jasmine Herbal pool. Though the voucher enabled us make use of all the facilities for 4 hours, we didn't get to try the Sauna and Cold Pool because we had so much fun using the massage and lap pools almost no one wanted to get out of them! Next time we come back, those two will be the most important thing we'll try out!

 Before going out of the water spa I took a look at the prices and couldn't believe how much I had saved! For all those 8 vouchers, I had saved almost P2,000! Now that's what you call a whole great deal! The next time the Ace Water Spa deal comes around in MetroDeal again, I'll make sure to grab more!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Metrodeal Review: Lipo Cavitation Treatment

I’m engaged and getting married on January and I've got a tiny dilemma about my fats. I wanted to be slim when my wedding gown arrives and so i tried lots of things to succeed in my goal weight before my wedding. I was aiming 85lbs. before Christmas! I went to a health club twice a week, jog during weekends, took some slimming pills and undergone after six diet routine. Unfortunately, nothing happened. I'm so frustrated then i wished to take liposuction and head to Belo Medical Clinic until Someone said this promo from Metrodeal. (

This is my last and final attempt to getting slimmer, I said to myself. I searched for other reviews regarding Metrodeal ( first and i also have learned very dissimilar sides. Some were good and some were bad. I was thinking how I will possibly know the truth behind this Metrodeal scam if I won’t try it myself. I must take care as there are articles originating from other clients that they weren’t satisfied with the assistance and some said it was a large scam. So luckily, We have tried this inexpensive yet so convincing promo which is Lipo Cavitation Treatment for only P99 as an alternative to P3000, what about that?

I phoned the slimming centre and asked if they are really connected with Metrodeal, chances are they approved. Meanwhile, I clicked on the “Buy Now” button and called again the slimming centre for reservation. It turned out to be a completely a non-surgical treatment and it was performed by experts. I was advised to return for five more sessions for best results. The professional staffs from 808 Derma & Slimming Centre were too accommodating. They helped me view the procedure they were doing inside my body, about how I am going to maintain a healthy life-style after the treatment plus they send a great deal positive vibes through and thru.

I was happy with my first session. I must say, visiting the slimming centre was indeed my last and final attempt to get slimmer because after the 5th session, I reached the body weight I had been aiming. Totally, I am awesome! Check out my both before and after photo, you can really begin to see the difference and exactly how much I have changed. I've finally gained back my confidence and i'm really contented of my figure today. On January, I'll be a pleasant, sexy and beautiful bride, for sure! Because of Metrodeal ( and 808 Derma & Slimming Centre!

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Metrodeal Scams aren’t true

I'm a marketing officer of an American company in Ortigas, additionally a part time baker on weekends, I accept orders for fondant cakes and cupcakes for different occasions and I am a full time mom for my 2 kids. With my hectic schedule, I am having a hard time dealing with my loved ones. It’s my wish to have some time for my children, and that i wanted to have a simple vacation on my small Birthday. It wasn’t that simple to prepare a Birthday celebration for myself. But I wanted to celebrate it with my loved ones and then we could at least bond for quite a while and indulge ourselves on the luxury we deserve.

I've chose to book a resort in the beautiful place in Batangas called, Puntha Fuego. My loved ones, along with my parents and my younger sister, enjoyed our stay at Club Puntha Fuego last November 26-28. We had so much fun and we were happy with the rooms and also the hotel’s services and facilities. I knew we’ll going to enjoy every minute of our trip. Thanks to Metrodeal (, they have provided me hot deals for this Puntha Fuego getaway!

It wasn’t that hard to avail vouchers, actually it was one click away.

I simply need to call and ensure Indochina Strings Travel Agency at 462-6000. I asked if they're actually accepting vouchers from Metrodeal (, and they confirmed. I simply press the “Buy Now” button and bought 7 vouchers for my family. It just costs P10,493 as an alternative to P30,800! Think of the awesome discount we received!

Here is where we lodge at Puntha Fuego!

We all enjoyed the discounted price of massage services. They gave us a sweet amount of 15% discount on massages. My parents and I tried the usual “Hilot” massage. It was divine! We were so contended and lucky in the place as well as the services Puntha Fuego has offered us. Our stay was memorable and the kids truly had a good time in the beach and the swimming pool in the resort. It turned out to be a superb holiday for us! I'm so happy We have allotted time on preparing such simple yet affordable and memorable Birthday treat to myself! Thanks MetroDeal! (