Thursday, January 3, 2013

Slimming on the budget by MetroDeal’s Dermcare deal

I admit that we are having a difficulty to lose weight and getting rid of the fat on problem areas, specially on my small tummy area. And just as much as I could to lose weight by sticking to a diet and spending too much time on a gym, I still can't lose those extra few pounds off. My work has stopped me from spending too much time during a workout session and my figure right now is beginning to stress me out.

I was looking for ways in cutting out cellulite and fat especially in my tummy area without undergoing plastic surgery, staying all day at the gym and drinking slimming drinks and pills, and don't wanna waste excessively on cosmetic surgery. Needless to say, liposuction is unthinkable for it's very costly,  and risky, until I discovered about the Rf slimming treatment.

After fat loss research, Radio Frequency slimming treatment is said to be another big thing on slimming cosmetic surgery,  for it's non-abrasive, fast and safe. it offers to improve circulation, reduce cellulite and improve skin tone. The said treatment also promises to lose 2-3 cm each session and can target specific troublesome areas. And i'm happy that MetroDeal offers affordable Radio Frequency slimming treatment from Dermcare at a drop down price.

Originally priced at 3000 pesos, the Radio Frequency voucher from Metrodeal ( only priced at 250 pesos per session. I do think for this deal is a big bargain for those who wants to try this amazingly safe slimming treatment. And since Dermcare Professional Skin, Hair and Spa is among the leading hair, skin and wellness centers in the country for over two decades, i know that  that they're going to provide utmost care to all services for everybodyf For this reason I acquired this offer and tried their radio frequency slimming treatment.

Thus far, I'm pleased with Dermcare's slimming deal from Metrodeal ( The voucher is valid 36 locations nationwide as well as the clinic’s ambience is clean and sleek. the slimming treatment is done by physicians and therapist, this is exactly why i'm sure that the treatment is being done properly. And apart from the slimming services from Dermcare, they also offer Up to now, I lost a lot of extra fats from my tummy and im pleased with my MetroDeal purchase.  

I'm thankful that MetroDeal ( has offered this deal if you are looking to lose those unwanted pounds on specific target areas. With their great number of deals, things are all worth buying for!