Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Our Monthsary saved by MetroDeal Promo

My boyfriend spoils me every time. We’ve been together for ten years now and with a decade he sees to it that every 19th of the month he gives a little something for me personally as a present to celebrate our monthsary. Since we’ve been together for ten years, I have run out of ideas on things to buy for him as I have given him almost everything, not all those extravagant of course. I actually give simple presents only unlike him, he spoils me. He provides me with the complete gadget in the world. He provides me with flowers and chocolates like the usual. Also, he provided me with jewelleries, from earrings, to necklaces, and anklets and bracelets. He already gave a ring to me, even though it wasn’t a diamond ring because we weren’t ready yet. He still gives me cards but not just the mediocre cards from Hallmark, but those large ones that are as huge as the size of the brown envelope, he is that cheesy and I love him for that!

This month, I’d like to return the favor or I ought to say, I’d like to spoil him instead. And because the month of Christmas and our monthsary is on the 19th, I’d want to show him how much he truly deserve a wonderful gift from me. I planned of having an evening meal at Sofitel, Spiral and hand him my beautiful surprise gift. He’s been telling me before he wanted a slim tablet and I’d prefer to gave one for him.

I was lucky because I am a loyal customer of MetroDeal ( and also I’ve purchased plenty of coupons from their website for restaurants, spa, and gadgets. So in this time around, I won’t treat myself for it’s boyfriend’s turn to be spoiled. And So I browsed and arrive at this promo:

It is really a great deal! I called MetroDeal for the availability of the item and after they gave me a go signal, I immediately purchased the product and have it delivered on December 12th. I'm happy that the gift for my boyfriend was sent 2 days after I bought it online. I have experienced purchasing so much from them already so I am very confident that it's going to be delivered on time. For this reason I was wondering why I usually see scams and bad reviews about MetroDeal ( while it’s a fact that I have been a loyal and satisfied customer.

I am pretty sure this slim tablet computer will likely be delivered on the 12th exactly like on my other purchases from the past! You go try MetroDeal ( yourself so that you can go through the greatest deals and promos!