Sunday, January 13, 2013

My verdict on the MetroDeal's underarm whitening and diamond peel treatment

I prefer to wear sleeveless dresses and shirts for I always feel fresh when wearing one. Then again I feel embarrassed to wear one due to my dark, hairy underarms. It was like a curse for me, for I must wear dresses and shirts with sleeves to be able to feel ok.

I am trying to find alternative solutions to be able to whiten my underarms. I've spent a great deal on anything - whitening gels, scrubs, deodorants, loofahs and also using citrus fruits to wash on my own precious armpits. Despite the fact that they're only cheap options to whiten my underarms, it doesn’t work for me.

After trying to find much-effective ways to achieve white and smooth underarms, the most effective solution is to undergo diamond peel and extensive whitening~extensive whitening and diamond peel} treatment for underarms. It is said being essentially the most feasible solution for dark and stubborn armpits but this solution is known as expensive. And everywhere I check different facial centers, I can not seem to find cheap and effective whitening treatments that promises to have beautifully smooth and white armpits.

After a month's search for facial shops, I came across Face Basics Facial care and Spa. The said establishment is next to our area and in addition they offer diamond peel and extensive whitening treatment for more whiter and smoother underarms. I'm also glad i saw the spa at MetroDeal (

MetroDeal's diamond peel and underarm whitening treatment from Face Basics is really a great bargain. Priced originally at 1200 pesos, usually the one posted in the well-famed group buying site only costs at 149 pesos, a massive deal at 88% off! I never thought that it will be a good deal for everyone who envies people that has flawless underarms. Without doubts, I availed on the diamond peel and underarm whitening treatment from MetroDeal ( in a heartbeat.

Before I was quite suspicious due to the bad remarks from different blogs about MetroDeal. But my buddies who bought different types of deals through the said discount voucher site are satisfied and they're pleased with the end result. And because of this they explained that MetroDeal is not a scam site.

This is why I acquired 10 vouchers from their store and went to Face Basics Facial care and Spa. All I can say is everything went smooth - the spa is clean and comfy, the assistants were accomodating and friendly, the employees who did my armpits is helpful as she explained the operation of the treatment, and I'm very pleased with the outcomes.

Overall, my underarms are now much clean and smooth. I really like the overall effect and now i'm more confident to raise my hands to show off my porcelain-smooth underarms to all. Forget about shaving, no longer plucking, and I am extremely happy for the results.

I am happy which i got to avail this unique deal from MetroDeal ( And for that, I'll definitely get one again!