Tuesday, January 8, 2013

My fusion buffet experience from Flower Stories Cafe’s deal from MetroDeal

My best friend and I likes to eat. Both of us like to eat at restaurants and try a variety of cuisines every payday and  we make sure we have a sumptuous feast as a prize for the hard day's work.

We are intending to visit Flower Stories Cafe, a quaint restaurant located within the walls of  Intramuros, Manila that provides wide choices of International and Asian fusion dishes, starters, main entrees and desserts. I've heard a great deal about the Flower Stories Cafe on different blogs and review sites and because of the great reviews on their restaurant’s food, ambience and concept, we decided to go and try for it.


We availed on the coupon from MetroDeal, for they'd posted on the whole lot for Flower Stories Cafe. It turned out to be a steal for us to the said fusion buffet voucher only cost 199 pesos. The original price of the fusion buffet meal from Flower Stories Cafe is priced at 500 pesos, a great deal indeed!

It was a fantastic surprise for all of us to see this unique deal. I've already tried availing on their vouchers and so far im pleased with my purchases from MetroDeal (http://www.freenew.net/android/com-iggy-mobile-metrodeal/673770.htm). Though there are also offers from other group buying sites but MetroDeal offers great selection of deals at reasonable prices and has easy payment schemes, a big plus for many online shoppers and group buying site advocates. Up to now, I'm happy that MetroDeal (http://www.jobstreet.com.ph/jobs/2012/8/default/80/3471331.htm?fr=R) isn't a scam site like the other sites has stated.  

When I made my purchase on the Flower Stories Cafe deal few days back, we called the cafe for reservations and attended the venue. The staff are friendly and courteous to everyone. The deal is true to its word, for the place is romantic because of the lovely view of Intramuros and its ambience. their vast choices of International and Asian fusion dishes are yummy and delicious, that's why I think it's all worth the money. Definitely a must try for food lovers who are looking for an ideal getaway place to eat inside the majestic city walls. My experience is magical, i will surely treasure this.

The Flower Stories Cafe voucher from MetroDeal (http://sofiesalvador.wordpress.com/2011/07/16/rf-radio-frequency-thermal-slimming-at-laestetica/) is amongst the best I've seen, and I can say it is really worth the money.  I will surely get one again, and hopefully the deal from the Flower Stories Cafe will show up again soon!