Thursday, January 10, 2013

My experience in the Sugar Mommy's Chewy Sansrival deal from MetroDeal

I'd an uncontrollable craving for sweets, and everytime my pals and I went for lunch, we make sure we went to the local sweets shop or bakery to buy a slice of cake or something that will satisfy my craving for sweets.

My guilty pleasure really is dependent upon my mood, and it proves to be the more costly one. I always scout for cake shops, cupcake stores, or any store that sells anything sweet and yummy. It turned out to be an every day food trip with my buddies every other lunch breaks or dinner dates, and so far I ran across one of the well-known cakeshops near our office in Ortigas - Sugar Mommy Delicatessen.

Sugar Mommy Delicatessen offers sweets, cakes and food treats for all those occasions, and they offer numerous desserts and dishes that best suited for food lovers and dessert cravers. Situated in the heart of Ortigas CBD, the said establishment is available for everybody.

It is a good thing that Sugar Mommy Delicatessen presently has a package from Metrodeal ( - 1 / 2 an amount on deal for the sumptuous Sans Rival cake! Originally priced at 600 pesos, this deal is now up for grabs for only 299 pesos, such a steal indeed! I'm happy that one of my favorite cakes from Sugar Mommy Delicatessen is currently available for much less price. I realize that they are among the trusted establishment for different types of sweets and delicacies this is why I wish to take advantage of this voucher deal.

I'm glad that MetroDeal ( offers deals and discounts for spa, food establishments, salons and others. Their vast collection of deals are great for me because they offer different services at such a drop-down price. In addition they has different choices of payment schemes, perfect if you would like to avail and purchase the chosen deals that are posted online.

When I availed on the deal on MetroDeal, I immediately went to the shop to get hold of this delicious treat. Sugar Mommy Delicatessen is kind enough to accommodate me in my voucher deal and overall, I'm happy with my purchase from the group buying site. I was indeed skeptical at first for I searched on Metrodeal for reviews and I found some bad reviews regarding their failed transactions and scams. But for me while i bought the Sugar Mommy Delicatessen deal from MetroDeal, it actually is the best group buying site, a complete opposite of what others has stated. It was never a scam for me.

I'm extremely happy that MetroDeal ( has given us a great service using their offered deals using their site. Can't wait to go back for more of the deals soon!