Monday, January 7, 2013

MetroDeal's Bensetti's Diner deal - My views

I have been seeking for various ways to celebrate my husband's birthday without having to spend an excessive amount of on food establishments. Since the two of us likes to dine out and try a myriad of restaurants, I think of having a buffet party for my husband's special day. That's the reason i'm looking for affordable buffet establishments where we could dine out and enjoy the gastronomical feast.


After looking here and there, I found this - Bensetti's Diner, a buffet establishment situated in Cubao. They provide various Filipino and Asian dishes for everyone's delight, with plenty of food choices to choose from. Food is served fresh and they are all yummy. And it's also affordable.


After looking on Bensetti Diner's information on Google, I was surprised that they can also had a deal posted on MetroDeal (Metrodeal). The buffet dinner is originally priced at 400 but on MetroDeal's deal, it’s only just costs at 199 pesos. A real sweet deal! I'm glad that such voucher dea can be obtained on the internet and it can help me save a whole lot on my own purchases. I'm also a fan of MetroDeal ( for I'm always very pleased with my purchases from them. Thus far their deals are incredible and well worth the money! That's why I could say that MetroDeal isn't a scam.

As I purchase my vouchers on MetroDeal (Dermcare Philippines) and made my reservations on Bensetti's Diner, I can now state that it's well worth the money. People from the Diner are accomodating and i’m satisfied with the meal selections from them. And overall, the meals are great and my hubby is glad for my surprise treat for him.

I'm satisfied with MetroDeal's Bensetti's Diner deal, for thankful that I saved a lot from them. Would definitely come back for more!