Wednesday, January 2, 2013

MetroDeal’s Ace Water Spa deal

Work has been a stressful thing for me on a daily basis, and I tried almost anything to leave it. A friend of mine recommended to have an appointment with a masseuse, but i'm afraid that instead of making me relax, it will hurt me more, and I don't want this to take place.

the weather here in the nation is humid and crazy, and as much asjust as much as I would like to relax and be at ease, it's making me feel worse. It is a good thing that we found Ace Water Spa, the first water therapy massage in the country. It is the first of its kind in the country and also it offers different types of hydromassages for everyone both new and experienced. The wide array of massages was created to soothe aching and tired muscles and there are plenty of massages to choose from. Their facilities as well as other amenities that includes the Bucket Splash, kid's pool, Pool Mountain, Lazy River, as well as their line of steam, herbal pools and sauna will make everyone chill out while enjoying the massage available from the water therapy spa.

The 4-hr treat from Ace Water Spa is originally priced at P550, and I'm glad that Metrodeal (Metrodeal Reviews) introduced this deal for only P349, now this is a big steal! And also the voucher includes 4 hours of stay at the spa to savor each of the hydrotherapy spa's amenities.

The massage deal from MetroDeal (Metrodeal) is much completely different from any massage coupons that we bought before, for I've heard great reactions about Ace Water Spa and the massage vouchers that I bought in from other massage parlors makes me feel worse. It may cost a lot more than other massage deals (usually around 150-300 pesos) but it's well worth the try.

Me and my bestfriend already tried acquiring this amazing offer from Metrodeal (Metrodeal Information) and we're glad that it is worth every penny. I'm in awe at Ace Water Spa's ambience and the services that they offer. We really like the aquatic jets that served as the masseuse that targets specific target areas and the kind of massage we both wanted. It's a good thing that my bestfriend and I were informed to get a fitted swimwear and were given headcaps during our stop at the Ace Water Spa. The massage makes us feel like new again, and we are both happy with their service. I hope that Metrodeal may have another deal from Ace Water Spa again, will definitely get one again!