Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Metrodeal Discounts Made my Husband Go for More!

It was our Anniversary a few weeks ago while I was thinking of the items to give as a gift for my hubby. I don’t want to splurge on anything that is way too extravagant. I was thinking of something that we could both enjoy. We are both workaholic and we don’t have so much time and energy to travel and dine on fancy restaurants so I was going through the net, I come across this promising website, Metrodeal. (http://www.freenew.net/android/com-iggy-mobile-metrodeal/673770.htm)

I used to be engrossed with their promos and convincing deals. I tried buying for Rejuvenating Facial Diamond Peel Treatment at Surgilight Laser Skin Aesthetic Center which is priced at Php149 instead of Php1000. Such a great deal! So I used my Visa card to purchase two vouchers from MetroDeal (http://www.mommytots.com/2012/10/metrodeals-ultimate-adventure-at-manila.html). Imagine how much I’ve saved with this promo, almost 75%. What a great treat! Another nice thing about this promo is they have a lot of branches available. You can choose your chosen location nearest your home. I immediately called the branch from Robinsons Galleria and called for reservations. The person whom I spoke to was very accommodating she even explained to me the procedure of the Rejuvenating facial Diamond Peel will be, as we were rookies for this type of experience.

The clinic has luxurious facilities. The surroundings help make us feel relaxed and much more comfortable. The therapy last for 45 mins. It made my face feel silky and rejuvenated by buffing off layers of dead skin by using the machine utilizing the power of natural diamonds to comfortably banish bad skin particles leaving my face fresh and of course beautiful. This process lightens my scars, fine line and sun damaged skin. I wasI became totally satisfied! It ended very well and keeps my skin acne free and glowing.

I turned to my husband and asked how he was doing with all the treatment so far, he definitely adore it and the very first time I was surprised that he liked having treatments beside me all the while. He never tried facial or spa treatments before. He thinks this is too girly for him. He realized it was so relaxing and made his face naturally vibrant and young!

I have to admit it turned out to be a wonderful experience for me and my hubby. Thank heavens We have used it. Initially I was a little hesitant for I read some bad reviews about this kind of sites. We are going to definitely turn back and try other services, needless to say involving Metrodeal (http://www.jobstreet.com.ph/jobs/2012/8/default/80/3470763.htm?fr=J) promos even without a special occasion! With great promos, you don't need to plan for overgenerous present for your spouse!