Wednesday, January 30, 2013

An Awesome Tagaytay Experience

Me and my favorite buddy were thinking about a getaway that can take us from the toxic and busy city of Manila. We planned to relax and at the same time have fun. We live down south so we don’t wish to travel that long, and then we were thinking-where are we able to get the getaway we were wishing for? And so last 2 weeks ago, Wednesday, our shifts ended at 6 in the morning, we did our usual thing. Met up in the office lobby, smoke down stairs with many of our team mates, and finally went the place to find our apartment. As it was my turn to get ready for our breakfast (in other words it was intended to be our dinner), she was too busy browsing and planning to book tickets at Cebu Pacific Air. All the whileIn the mean time, she changed her mind and screamed like hell for she discovered this convincing site called, Metrodeal (

I checked on the website too and that i told her to read some reviews first before availing the vouchers. We had doubts though. We've got to read two bad reviews concerning the site but even as we searched for more we found enough excellent reviews about Metrodeal (, and we all do it. We chose this 2-Day/1-Night Stay at Tagaytay Residence Inn for two Persons with Paradizoo Farm tour & Zipline Ride just for P1990. The main price was P4500, how about that? We called Indochina Strings at 846-2749 for reservations and now we were booked! I was too excited for our trip!

After five days of working straight, we’re off to our most awaited trip!

We took a cab going to Tagaytay and we checked in to the hotel. The resort’s ambiance was too cozy, very relaxing and staffs were so accommodating. We experienced the famous Zipline as well as a tour at Paradizoo Farm. Such a wonderful experience! We had a good time! We'll definitely do this again.

Whether or not this weren’t for Metrodeal (, we wouldn’t be able to experience this such relaxing and amazing vacation! For just P1990 each we have given ourselves a really soothing and exciting break from tiring life in the city! It'll surely be cherished!