Wednesday, January 30, 2013

An Awesome Tagaytay Experience

Me and my favorite buddy were thinking about a getaway that can take us from the toxic and busy city of Manila. We planned to relax and at the same time have fun. We live down south so we don’t wish to travel that long, and then we were thinking-where are we able to get the getaway we were wishing for? And so last 2 weeks ago, Wednesday, our shifts ended at 6 in the morning, we did our usual thing. Met up in the office lobby, smoke down stairs with many of our team mates, and finally went the place to find our apartment. As it was my turn to get ready for our breakfast (in other words it was intended to be our dinner), she was too busy browsing and planning to book tickets at Cebu Pacific Air. All the whileIn the mean time, she changed her mind and screamed like hell for she discovered this convincing site called, Metrodeal (

I checked on the website too and that i told her to read some reviews first before availing the vouchers. We had doubts though. We've got to read two bad reviews concerning the site but even as we searched for more we found enough excellent reviews about Metrodeal (, and we all do it. We chose this 2-Day/1-Night Stay at Tagaytay Residence Inn for two Persons with Paradizoo Farm tour & Zipline Ride just for P1990. The main price was P4500, how about that? We called Indochina Strings at 846-2749 for reservations and now we were booked! I was too excited for our trip!

After five days of working straight, we’re off to our most awaited trip!

We took a cab going to Tagaytay and we checked in to the hotel. The resort’s ambiance was too cozy, very relaxing and staffs were so accommodating. We experienced the famous Zipline as well as a tour at Paradizoo Farm. Such a wonderful experience! We had a good time! We'll definitely do this again.

Whether or not this weren’t for Metrodeal (, we wouldn’t be able to experience this such relaxing and amazing vacation! For just P1990 each we have given ourselves a really soothing and exciting break from tiring life in the city! It'll surely be cherished!

Monday, January 28, 2013

MetroDeal Scams: Not True at All—We Made the Right Choice

It was a major reunion for us last Monday when my loved ones from the States came here in the Philippines to celebrate my cousin’s wedding! A marriage that is full of surprises since both sides of the couple are merely from outside the Philippines. 2 days before the wedding, mom, dad and i also fetched your entire clan at NAIA. Yes, it was certainly a clan given it was a big variety of my relatives from the States. Our guests consists of my 3 aunts, 4 uncles, 2 nieces and three nephews plus my grandmom. I know right! These folks were too pumped up about the wedding! One of the things they missed about the Philippines is the cuisine and I was that ready for that moment .

When my sister said about their flight date, I immediately purchased vouchers for Dine In to Barrio Fiesta from MetroDeal! Before I was hesitant of availing deals from MetroDeal. It’s kind of scary, then again I tried it once to determine if each of the bad reviews were true. I prove them wrong! From then on, It's my job to avail promos and discounts from MetroDeal. I really purchased a lot from this site before. They never fail me with regards to whatever. So I believe in them the most. So getting vouchers at their store isn’t really necessary but I wonder simply how much am i going to save if I got to have a discount from my vouchers.

Grandma will really like it definitely. You know that Barrio Fiesta offers traditional Filipino dishes and will also be perfect for our dear guests! They trully missed the Filipino food since they stayed in the usa for 6 years already, many of them were already citizens. So yea, I’m pretty sure they’ll enjoy the lunch that Barrio Fiesta offers us.

The vouchers consist of 2 each of whole fried chicken, paella rice with crab, shrimps, squid, and mussels plus a soda. A voucher only costs Php490 as opposed to Php1005. I saved 56%, imagine that! Though we still need to order more food like Crispy Kangkong, Crispy Pata, Green Mango with Bagoong, Kilawin Tanigue, Steamed Lapu-Lapu and Seafood Kare-Kare. It turned out to be indeed a hell of a lunch!

You can never get it wrong with Barrio Fiesta when it comes to Filipino dishes. The great ambiance in the restaurant helped to make our experience superb! It turned out to be a cheerful lunch for my balikbayan family. They loved the service so much and the foods served were divine! Special thanks to my voucher from Metrodeal (, it taught me to be save a little bit and it was great! Listed below are the meal we ate and loved!

Crispy Pata

Green Mango with Bagoong

Seafood Kare-Kare

Friday, January 25, 2013

Bad Reviews for Metrodeal—Not True at All!

It wasn’t that simple to imagine but hey, I’ve tried it so many times!

I delivered a 7.2 bouncing baby boy last August 2011. Could you just imagine just how much I gained weight? From 83lbs before the baby, I gained 50lbs more. After 3 months, I attempted to jog around our village. I could say it helped a little bit but I was thinking i’ll eat a lot of my time ever since i am working fulltime at Makati. I’ve tried a lot of slimming pills, but sadly I failed! Meanwhile my husband informed me about this MetroDeal Metrodeal Reviews. I heard some bad reviews about this site before. It’s kind of scary though, however how would I know whether it’ the real deal if I won’t test it myself. I searched for the right and good promo for a number of hours, and after that I stumbled upon this deal:

What can you say? It is a perfect deal to me! With my figure then, the dermatologist guessed I’ll need at least 5 sessions only to reach my preferred weight. An average session lasts till 10-12 sessions, however I wasn’t that obese to pass through that procedure, so 5 sessions would do. I never thought it’ll be that easy to lose weight naturally. What i'm saying is, naturally it would take miles and miles to jog, countless months of having healthy diet, no cheat day, so many pills to taake before reaching your dream body. But here I am, in my last and final session. Because of MetroDeal for granting my wish to come true! My money didn’t be squandered - at all!

I acquired 1 voucher first to give it a try, it costs Php300 only. I went to the closest branch once i phoned the clinic for reservations. My first session went successful and so i made a decision to purchase 4 more vouchers to complete my entire sessions. My big problem was my abdomen, I kind of having a difficult time and was thinking of being unable to wear my two piece swimwear again during summer season.

2nd Floor SM City Cebu Northwing,
North Reclamation Area, Cebu City
Tel. No. (032)268-8140

The staff were accommodating and I was excited to pass through the procedure. Thankfully, with better technology I had to experience this non-surgical lipo-sculpting, also called ultra cavitations. I only felt the heat as my body moulds toward my dream figure. With my second session, I can see already great results the fats from my abdomen were becoming slimmer and slimmer! I was too very pleased with the result!

I did the best choice - that is to experience MetroDeal for me to actually experience just what it offers. I'm one lucky sexy healthy woman with an awful twelve months old son! Yay!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Metrodeal Discounts Made my Husband Go for More!

It was our Anniversary a few weeks ago while I was thinking of the items to give as a gift for my hubby. I don’t want to splurge on anything that is way too extravagant. I was thinking of something that we could both enjoy. We are both workaholic and we don’t have so much time and energy to travel and dine on fancy restaurants so I was going through the net, I come across this promising website, Metrodeal. (

I used to be engrossed with their promos and convincing deals. I tried buying for Rejuvenating Facial Diamond Peel Treatment at Surgilight Laser Skin Aesthetic Center which is priced at Php149 instead of Php1000. Such a great deal! So I used my Visa card to purchase two vouchers from MetroDeal ( Imagine how much I’ve saved with this promo, almost 75%. What a great treat! Another nice thing about this promo is they have a lot of branches available. You can choose your chosen location nearest your home. I immediately called the branch from Robinsons Galleria and called for reservations. The person whom I spoke to was very accommodating she even explained to me the procedure of the Rejuvenating facial Diamond Peel will be, as we were rookies for this type of experience.

The clinic has luxurious facilities. The surroundings help make us feel relaxed and much more comfortable. The therapy last for 45 mins. It made my face feel silky and rejuvenated by buffing off layers of dead skin by using the machine utilizing the power of natural diamonds to comfortably banish bad skin particles leaving my face fresh and of course beautiful. This process lightens my scars, fine line and sun damaged skin. I wasI became totally satisfied! It ended very well and keeps my skin acne free and glowing.

I turned to my husband and asked how he was doing with all the treatment so far, he definitely adore it and the very first time I was surprised that he liked having treatments beside me all the while. He never tried facial or spa treatments before. He thinks this is too girly for him. He realized it was so relaxing and made his face naturally vibrant and young!

I have to admit it turned out to be a wonderful experience for me and my hubby. Thank heavens We have used it. Initially I was a little hesitant for I read some bad reviews about this kind of sites. We are going to definitely turn back and try other services, needless to say involving Metrodeal ( promos even without a special occasion! With great promos, you don't need to plan for overgenerous present for your spouse!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

MetroDeal Review: My Son’s Christmas Wish

It’s hard for me to think about what things to give as a gift for my little boy this Christmas. He wants another gadget that I think is too expensive! I’ve been having difficulty sleeping these past few nights for he was asking Santa to provide him an Android Tablet PC this Christmas. I was not aware what was it, for all those I knew, it had been a gadget. My 10-year sold son is certainly into gadgets. He already has a number of gadgets like PSP, PS3, an Iphone 3Gs, and Wii that he barely uses.

I searched Android Tablet PC in the search engines and I was shocked when I learned how much it worth. Since I wished to give my son’s wish, and he has been so nice this year anf the husband has high gpa's from his school, I think he deserves this Android Tablet this Christmas. I had to proceed through Ebay, TipidPc, and MetroDeal (Click here for more Metrodeal Information) for a lot of appealing promos so I won’t let my wallet to take the burden. I used to be scary at first this can be my very first time to try it out. All those coupons and vouchers made lots of people dismay after buying such. But how could i know the truth behind each one of these reviews and scams? I have to discover myself! After browsing for several hours I finally made a choice, definitely a good one!

A great present for the love of my entire life this Christmas!


A half a price discount! Such a relief! As soon as I stumble upon this deal, I grabbed my phone and called the company. I was very fortunate indeed! Lots of people have bought from them. Soon the item will probably be sold-out! I requested also for them to deliver the gadget at our house on Tuesday so my son won’t be able to notice. I would like it to be a major surprise. They really delivered it to me promptly! No hassle! Their service was quick and I am so satisfied with the item they’ve sent me.

Here’s the specific item I acquired from MetroDeal (More Metrodeal Info)


On Christmas day, as our tradition, my children will likely be gathered on 12 midnight having Noche Buena, after that we'll get all the gifts underneath the Christmas tree. Every one of us receives a gift, we attempted to at the very least let my son feel Santa really exist. There’s no harm in it though. He’ll definitely think Santa is always that rich while he gets his most requested gadget this month! I love my son so much as I love how MetroDeal (Reviews) allows me to spoil him. Excited to find out the pleasure on my son’s eyes this Christmas after removing the gift wrapper from his presents underneath the tree!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Our Monthsary saved by MetroDeal Promo

My boyfriend spoils me every time. We’ve been together for ten years now and with a decade he sees to it that every 19th of the month he gives a little something for me personally as a present to celebrate our monthsary. Since we’ve been together for ten years, I have run out of ideas on things to buy for him as I have given him almost everything, not all those extravagant of course. I actually give simple presents only unlike him, he spoils me. He provides me with the complete gadget in the world. He provides me with flowers and chocolates like the usual. Also, he provided me with jewelleries, from earrings, to necklaces, and anklets and bracelets. He already gave a ring to me, even though it wasn’t a diamond ring because we weren’t ready yet. He still gives me cards but not just the mediocre cards from Hallmark, but those large ones that are as huge as the size of the brown envelope, he is that cheesy and I love him for that!

This month, I’d like to return the favor or I ought to say, I’d like to spoil him instead. And because the month of Christmas and our monthsary is on the 19th, I’d want to show him how much he truly deserve a wonderful gift from me. I planned of having an evening meal at Sofitel, Spiral and hand him my beautiful surprise gift. He’s been telling me before he wanted a slim tablet and I’d prefer to gave one for him.

I was lucky because I am a loyal customer of MetroDeal ( and also I’ve purchased plenty of coupons from their website for restaurants, spa, and gadgets. So in this time around, I won’t treat myself for it’s boyfriend’s turn to be spoiled. And So I browsed and arrive at this promo:

It is really a great deal! I called MetroDeal for the availability of the item and after they gave me a go signal, I immediately purchased the product and have it delivered on December 12th. I'm happy that the gift for my boyfriend was sent 2 days after I bought it online. I have experienced purchasing so much from them already so I am very confident that it's going to be delivered on time. For this reason I was wondering why I usually see scams and bad reviews about MetroDeal ( while it’s a fact that I have been a loyal and satisfied customer.

I am pretty sure this slim tablet computer will likely be delivered on the 12th exactly like on my other purchases from the past! You go try MetroDeal ( yourself so that you can go through the greatest deals and promos!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

3-days/2-nights vacation at La Carmela de Boracay at 50% off – a real vacation deal from MetroDeal

Being a “corporate slave” can be good, or bad. Good, because I tend to have my regular salary every a fortnight, and it's really a a dangerous thing because it stresses me out. I despise the fact that work has a lot on me lately for I’m in dire need of a vacation.

Another perks of being a “corporate slave” is to have access to get a paid vacation. It has been quite some time that we get to spend a few days outside the city and just enjoy the rustic countryside, in a remote province, mountain highlands or perhaps in a laid-back beach. And I Am eyeing on having a vacation in one of the well-known beaches in the world - Boracay!

It's pristine beaches, relaxed atmosphere and colorful night life makes Boracay the ideal destination for a vacation. But it is also known due to the expensive beachfront hotels that serves the local and foreign beach bums. I'm happy that I found this glorious travel deal from MetroDeal ( - 3-days/2nights vacation in Boracay, complete with airfare!

I enjoy this deal above all else. I have been in Boracay couple of times and stayed in the La Carmela de Boracay, one of several beachfront hotels located in Boracay's Station 2. this Boracay station in 2 is often a haven for aqua sports enthusiasts for they have plethora of activities such as kiteboarding, parasailing and wind surfing, perfect for me and for my enthusiastic friend who're into extreme sports! And also the said deal is fantastic, because it only costs 5,799 pesos instead of 12,000 pesos, now that's over half the purchase price!

While I availed on the voucher, I immediately called the travel agency for reservations and since airfare is included in the offer, we never had any problems in booking for a flight. The process went smooth as well as the people in the travel agency and from Metrodeal ( were accomodating and helpful, everything went well for me personally and for my buddy. I love exactly what we have to enjoy the vacation at the half the price.

I've no complains overall with my travel purchase in MetroDeal. Unlike what others has said, Metrodeal's offers are all affordable and fast. Other individuals may said that it's a scam site, however in truth it wasn't. 
I'm glad that their deals were just so good to be true.

Overall, I'm happy and contended with Metrodeal ( has offered with the said travel deal. Will definitely looking forward to have this deal again!  

Monday, January 14, 2013

Sotharo Salon and Spa deal from MetroDeal – my experience and aftermath

Work has given me lots of stress lately and my figure must cool-down and relax. As I arrive home, all I have to do is usually to crawl up to bed and sleep, and wake up early to go to work. The endless cycle goes on and it's making me crazy as time goes by.

My friends and colleagues from work always let me know to give myself time for you to pamper myself by looking at a spa in order to keep my mind far from work. They helped me filled for a vacation leave (i'm not used to leave to work for a holiday, aside from emergency cases) and searched for affordable spa deals here and online.

It is a good thing that we stumbled to MetroDeal (, one of the well-known group buying sites within the Metro. They feature great selections of spa deals that I am trying to find, and they come in a drop-down price. And it is an that there is this one available spa deal that's available near our area.

Sotharo Hair and Nail expert Spa is just a few blocks away from our place, and also the voucher from MetroDeal ( makes it more convenient for me. Rather than paying 600 pesos, I'm able to receive the 60-Minute Body Massage with Pedicure or Manicure for 149 pesos, now that's fantastic! That's 75% discount from the original price.

I never had any problems buying the voucher from MetroDeal. They provide convenient payment schemes and I love that they had a great deal of deals to pick from. That's the reason I count on their ways for MetroDeal's vouchers tend to be more affordable than from other group buying sites. And I Also can tell that everything went well smoothly when i pick the vouchers at their store.

I went to the Sotharo Salon and Spa when i made my reservations and i am glad how the staff members are friendly and accommodating. The place is neat and relaxing, and also the massage has sent me to bliss! The 60-minute massage has recharged me to the whole. And likewise, the pedicure that I availed that's a great addition on the deal has make my feet happy and gaye. I'm happy and contented with the offer that's exclusively provided by Metrodeal.

I'm thankful that Metrodeal ( has helped me not just with all the vast choices of deals but in addition on the money which i save on purchasing them. Without a doubt I'll be coming back for more deals soon!  

Sunday, January 13, 2013

My verdict on the MetroDeal's underarm whitening and diamond peel treatment

I prefer to wear sleeveless dresses and shirts for I always feel fresh when wearing one. Then again I feel embarrassed to wear one due to my dark, hairy underarms. It was like a curse for me, for I must wear dresses and shirts with sleeves to be able to feel ok.

I am trying to find alternative solutions to be able to whiten my underarms. I've spent a great deal on anything - whitening gels, scrubs, deodorants, loofahs and also using citrus fruits to wash on my own precious armpits. Despite the fact that they're only cheap options to whiten my underarms, it doesn’t work for me.

After trying to find much-effective ways to achieve white and smooth underarms, the most effective solution is to undergo diamond peel and extensive whitening~extensive whitening and diamond peel} treatment for underarms. It is said being essentially the most feasible solution for dark and stubborn armpits but this solution is known as expensive. And everywhere I check different facial centers, I can not seem to find cheap and effective whitening treatments that promises to have beautifully smooth and white armpits.

After a month's search for facial shops, I came across Face Basics Facial care and Spa. The said establishment is next to our area and in addition they offer diamond peel and extensive whitening treatment for more whiter and smoother underarms. I'm also glad i saw the spa at MetroDeal (

MetroDeal's diamond peel and underarm whitening treatment from Face Basics is really a great bargain. Priced originally at 1200 pesos, usually the one posted in the well-famed group buying site only costs at 149 pesos, a massive deal at 88% off! I never thought that it will be a good deal for everyone who envies people that has flawless underarms. Without doubts, I availed on the diamond peel and underarm whitening treatment from MetroDeal ( in a heartbeat.

Before I was quite suspicious due to the bad remarks from different blogs about MetroDeal. But my buddies who bought different types of deals through the said discount voucher site are satisfied and they're pleased with the end result. And because of this they explained that MetroDeal is not a scam site.

This is why I acquired 10 vouchers from their store and went to Face Basics Facial care and Spa. All I can say is everything went smooth - the spa is clean and comfy, the assistants were accomodating and friendly, the employees who did my armpits is helpful as she explained the operation of the treatment, and I'm very pleased with the outcomes.

Overall, my underarms are now much clean and smooth. I really like the overall effect and now i'm more confident to raise my hands to show off my porcelain-smooth underarms to all. Forget about shaving, no longer plucking, and I am extremely happy for the results.

I am happy which i got to avail this unique deal from MetroDeal ( And for that, I'll definitely get one again!