Wednesday, December 26, 2012

40% Discount on Cheesecake for my Son’s Monthly Celebration

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Since the day I gave birth to my son, we thought we would celebrate his monthly birthday. Every 28th of every month, we prepare some food and drinks. We ensure there’s always a cake that i can blow. Actually I requested this for my husband because I really wanted to celebrate my happiness because inspite of the hardships I have experienced during my pregnancy, my 180 day old son is incredibly healthy at this time and he is incredibly normal. I usually buy cakes from Red Ribbon and Goldilocks in the past 5 months, after i encountered MetroDeal (Metrodeal Reviews) promo for cheesecake I tried to buy for it for my son’s 6th month. Here is the promo for cheesecake:

Really? Cheesecake for only P597? Good deal!

I had to choose between 8 yummy cakes such as Coffee and Cream Cheesecake, Mocha Macademia Cheesecake, Oreo Cheesecake, Choco True Confection, Chocolate Mousse, Berry Temptation Cheesecake, Mango Passion Cheesecake, and Dulce De Leche Cheesecake. I had a trouble choosing actually. But a few things that i did first was to call the nearest Cheesecake branch from my place that is Glorietta 4 and make an inquiry if this MetroDeal (Metrodeal) deal for Cheesecake is for real. Luckily, they said yes and after that I asked which of them were available then for me to pick up on the 28th. I end up choosing the Mango Passion Cheesecake.

Mango Passion Cheesecake

It turned out to be delicious and made my son’s monthly celebration different for I have bought different cake this tie not just a typical cake from the usual Red Ribbon and Goldilocks, but something from Cheesecake. Thanks to MetroDeal Voucher, I didn’t spend the money for actual price of Mango Passion Cheesecake which is P995, I acquired it for just P597, nearly as good as the typical cakes from again, Goldilocks and Red Ribbon. I am so lucky!

I needed to listen with my own, personal instinct at that time because before getting the deal I used to be at first hesitant due to the reviews I was reading from different blogs, all of the scams about MetroDeal were actually worrisome that i can test it. However, a lot from my cousins were saying, MetroDeal (Metrodeal Information) is legit and they have been a loyal customer since that time. So yea, I became confident then and finally bought the Cheesecake promo, I made the best decision! I will definitely drop by again on their site!