Thursday, December 27, 2012

Get a chance to win a new iPhone 5 from MetroDeal

Whenever there's an online contest on blogs and Facebook Pages, I see to it that I will join every contest that is certainly posted online. There are several times that I've won a number of the contest posted on the web, and now I've been eyeing to have a new phone soon, that's why i've been scouting for online contest on various websites that provides mobile phones on all types.

Then I saw this promo from MetroDeal (My favorite group buying site) and they also raffling off the newest smartphone from Apple - the iPhone 5! it is said to be the next growing trend to occur to iPhone since the iPhone due to its amazing features that makes one in awe.

The much-coveted iPhone 5 is more thinner and lighter than its predecessors. It provides a faster processor, larger display, better camera and much better battery life. Additionally, it contains the graphics accelerator a6 chipm the panoramic iSight Camera and the iOS6 - the innovative operating system dedicated for cellular devices.

I still can't believe that MetroDeal (Metrodeal G+) is handing out the iPhone 5 at no cost! I am happy will all of my purchases on the said group buying website, for they feature great selections of deals and discounts on gadgets, restaurants, spas, getaways, beauty establishments and others. I saw some blogs who go on stating that MetroDeal (Metrodeal Hubpages) can be a scam, but i'm absolutely happy with all my purchases from their website. They provide easy payment schemes i can tell that the deals that we bought will be worth the money.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

40% Discount on Cheesecake for my Son’s Monthly Celebration

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Since the day I gave birth to my son, we thought we would celebrate his monthly birthday. Every 28th of every month, we prepare some food and drinks. We ensure there’s always a cake that i can blow. Actually I requested this for my husband because I really wanted to celebrate my happiness because inspite of the hardships I have experienced during my pregnancy, my 180 day old son is incredibly healthy at this time and he is incredibly normal. I usually buy cakes from Red Ribbon and Goldilocks in the past 5 months, after i encountered MetroDeal (Metrodeal Reviews) promo for cheesecake I tried to buy for it for my son’s 6th month. Here is the promo for cheesecake:

Really? Cheesecake for only P597? Good deal!

I had to choose between 8 yummy cakes such as Coffee and Cream Cheesecake, Mocha Macademia Cheesecake, Oreo Cheesecake, Choco True Confection, Chocolate Mousse, Berry Temptation Cheesecake, Mango Passion Cheesecake, and Dulce De Leche Cheesecake. I had a trouble choosing actually. But a few things that i did first was to call the nearest Cheesecake branch from my place that is Glorietta 4 and make an inquiry if this MetroDeal (Metrodeal) deal for Cheesecake is for real. Luckily, they said yes and after that I asked which of them were available then for me to pick up on the 28th. I end up choosing the Mango Passion Cheesecake.

Mango Passion Cheesecake

It turned out to be delicious and made my son’s monthly celebration different for I have bought different cake this tie not just a typical cake from the usual Red Ribbon and Goldilocks, but something from Cheesecake. Thanks to MetroDeal Voucher, I didn’t spend the money for actual price of Mango Passion Cheesecake which is P995, I acquired it for just P597, nearly as good as the typical cakes from again, Goldilocks and Red Ribbon. I am so lucky!

I needed to listen with my own, personal instinct at that time because before getting the deal I used to be at first hesitant due to the reviews I was reading from different blogs, all of the scams about MetroDeal were actually worrisome that i can test it. However, a lot from my cousins were saying, MetroDeal (Metrodeal Information) is legit and they have been a loyal customer since that time. So yea, I became confident then and finally bought the Cheesecake promo, I made the best decision! I will definitely drop by again on their site!